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Becky Kuehl

Rebecca A. Kuehl


Associate Professor, Communication Studies, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program Coordinator

Office Building

Pugsley Center



Mailing Address

Pugsley Cont Ed Center 115
School of Communication & Journalism-Box 2218
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


Dr. Rebecca A. Kuehl is an associate professor in the School of Communication and Journalism and the Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies program coordinator at South Dakota State University. Her research focuses on intersections among rhetorical citizenship and public deliberation, civic rhetoric and education, and women’s health discourses. Her research has been funded by a Community Innovation Grant from the Bush Foundation, the charitable arm of 3M. Her research has appeared in edited books, including Rhetoric: Concord and Controversy, Contemporary Rhetorical Citizenship, and Speech and Debate as Civic Education. Her research has also appeared in the Southern Communication Journal, Communication Quarterly, Communication Design Quarterly Review, Health Communication, Translational Behavioral Medicine, and the Journal of Human Lactation.


Kuehl CV September 2016.doc


B.A. in Communication Studies with Honors, Gustavus Adolphus College, 2005
M.A. in Speech Communication, University of Georgia, 2007
Ph.D. in Communication Studies, University of Minnesota, 2011

Academic Interests/Expertise

Rhetorical citizenship, public deliberation, civic education, women's health

Academic Responsibilities

I have taught the following courses at SDSU:
SPCM 101: Fundamentals of Speech;
SPCM 215: Public Speaking;
SPCM 222: Argumentation & Debate;
SPCM 416-516: Rhetorical Criticism;
SPCM 470: Intercultural Communication;
SPCM 470: Honors Intercultural Communication;
SPCM 492-592: Topics: Pop Culture & Communication;
SPCM 701: Intro to Graduate Studies;
SPCM 792: Topics: Graduate Writing Seminar
SPCM 792: Topics: Rhetorical Citizenship

Committee Activities

South Dakota State University Library Committee member

Awards and Honors

1) Selected to present the 2019 David Fee Memorial Lecture, entitled "Using Public Deliberation to Communicate About and Address 'Wicked Problems'"
2) Awarded (with Brookings Supports Breastfeeding community coalition) the 2018 Outstanding Public Health Team Award, South Dakota Public Health Association, June 2018;
3) Awarded the 2018 Joyce M. Lampson Award for Excellence in Faculty Citizenship, Department of Communication Studies, April 2018;
4) Awarded the inaugural 2017 Outstanding Experiential Learning Educator Award, College of Arts & Sciences, South Dakota State University, April 2017;
5) Awarded (with Dr. Jenn Anderson) the 2017 Award for Excellence in Outreach and Engagement, South Dakota State University, February 2017;
6) Awarded the 2016 Outstanding Young Speech Teacher Award, Speech Communication Association of South Dakota, September 2016;
7) Recognized as a Van D. and Barbara B. Fishback Honors College faculty mentor, South Dakota State University, May 2016 and May 2017;
8) Earned Basic Level of Online Instructor Certification, Instructional Design Services, South Dakota State University, May 2016; and
9) Recognized for exemplary service as chapter advisor for Lambda Pi Eta, from the SDSU Alpha Alpha Pi chapter, Department of Communication Studies, South Dakota State University, April 2016.


1) Kuehl, R. A. (PI), & Knippling, O. (2019, May). Finding rhetorical common ground: Analyzing Thomas A. Daschle’s leadership speeches as a model for bi-partisanship. Faculty Research/Scholarship Fellowship - Thomas A. Daschle Career Papers Collection internal grant, June 2019 - August 2019, awarded $7,500.

2) Kuehl, R. A. (PI), & Anderson, J. (2015, December). Women in human trafficking. Received funding for a one-time enrichment event in Fall 2016. Women & Giving internal grant, December 2015-December 2016, awarded $1,500.

3) Anderson, J. (co-PI), Kuehl, R. A. (co-PI), Tschetter, L., Schwaegerl, M., Yoder, J., Gullickson, H., Drury, S., Hildreth, M., & Bachman, C. (2013). Baby-friendly Brookings: Creating community conversations about public breastfeeding. Bush Foundation Community Innovation external grant, November 2013-June 2015, awarded $73,721.

4) Anderson, J. (PI), Hungerford, H., Kang, S.W., Kuehl, R. A., Schwaegerl, M., Delbridge, E., & Yoder, J. (2012). Birthing opportunities: Experiences of SDSU nursing students and community women as volunteer doulas at Brookings Health System. Women & Giving internal grant, December 2012-December 2013, awarded $2,000.

5) Anderson, J. (PI), Hungerford, H., Kang, S.W., Kuehl, R. A., Schwaegerl, M., Delbridge, E., & Yoder, J. (2012). Rural mothers’ experiences with the innovative doula program at Brookings Health System. Rural Health Research Center internal grant, December 2012-December 2013, awarded $2,500.

Professional Memberships

National Communication Association;
Rhetoric Society of America;
Central States Communication Association;
Speech Communication Association of South Dakota

Work Experience

Graduate School Fellow, University of Minnesota;
Graduate Instructor, University of Minnesota;
Research Assistant & Teaching Assistant, University of Georgia

Area(s) of Research

Rhetorical citizenship;
Public deliberation;
Civic education;
Women's health discourses

I. Articles in peer-reviewed journals:
1) Jantzer, A. M., Anderson, J., & Kuehl, R. A. (2018). Breastfeeding support in the workplace: The relationships among breastfeeding support, work-life balance, and job satisfaction. Journal of Human Lactation, 34(2), 379-385. doi:10.1177/0890334417707956

2) Drury, S. A. M., & Kuehl, R. A. (2018, co-editors of the special issue). Introduction to the special issue on the rhetoric of the 2016 U.S. election. Communication Quarterly, 66(2), 111-116. doi:10.1080/01463373.2018.1441161

3) Horstman, H. K., Anderson, J., & Kuehl, R. A. (2017). Communicatively making sense of doulas within the U.S. master birth narrative: Doulas as liminal characters. Health Communication, 32(12), 1510-1519. doi:10.1080/10410236.2016.1234537

4) Kuehl, R. A., & Hungerford, H. (2017). Global citizenship in intercultural communication: Spatial awareness of globalization through map your consumption. Communication Teacher, 31(4), 220-225. doi:10.1080/17404622.2017.1358388

5) Anderson, J., Kuehl, R. A., Drury, S. A. M., Tschetter, L., Schwaegerl, M., Yoder, J….Hildreth, M. (2017). Brookings supports breastfeeding: Using public deliberation as a community-engaged approach to dissemination of research. Translational Behavioral Medicine, 7(4), 783-792. doi:10.1007/s13142-017-0480-6

6) Kuehl, R. A., & Anderson, J. (2015). Designing public communication about doulas: Analyzing absence and presence in promoting a volunteer doula program. Communication Design Quarterly, 3(4), 75-84. doi:10.1145/2826972.2826979.

7) Kuehl, R.A., Drury, S. A. M., & Anderson, J. (invited article, 2015). Civic engagement and public health issues: Community support for breastfeeding through rhetoric and health communication collaborations. Communication Quarterly, 63(5), 510-515. doi:10.1080/01463373.2015.1103598.

8) Anderson, J., Kuehl, R. A., Drury, S. A. M., Tschetter, L., Schwaegerl, M., Hildreth, M., … Lamp, J. (2015). Policies aren’t enough: The importance of interpersonal communication about workplace breastfeeding support. Journal of Human Lactation, 31(2), 260-266. doi:10.1177/0890334415570059

9) Kuehl, R. A., Westwick, J. N., & Hunter, K. M. (2014). “Y R U NOT RESPONDING:” Teaching effective email communication. Journal of the Communication, Speech, and Theatre Association of North Dakota, 27, 23-30.

10) Kuehl, R. A. (2012). The rhetorical presidency and "accountability" in education reform: Comparing the presidential rhetoric of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. Southern Communication Journal, 77(4), 329-348.

II. Book reviews:
1) Kuehl, R. A. (2013). Review of Spectacular rhetorics: Human rights visions, recognitions, feminisms, by Wendy S. Hesford. Rhetoric & Public Affairs, 16(1), 209-212.

2) Kuehl, R. A. (2012). Review of The Reagan rhetoric: History and memory in 1980s America, by Toby Glenn Bates. Presidential Studies Quarterly, 42(2), 406-407.

III. Chapters in books:
1) Drury, S. A. M., Kuehl, R. A., & Anderson, J. (2017). Deliberation as civic education: Incorporating public deliberation into communication studies curricula. In J. M. Hogan, J. A. Kurr, M. J. Bergmaier, & J. D. Johnson (Eds.), Speech and debate as civic education. Penn State University Press.

2) Anderson, J., Kuehl, R. A., & Drury, S. A. M. (2017). Blending qualitative, quantitative, and rhetorical methods to engage citizens in public deliberation to improve workplace breastfeeding support. In SAGE research methods cases part 2. doi:10.4135/9781473953796

3) Kuehl, R. A. (2014). Extending civic rhetoric: Valuing rhetorical dimensions of global citizenship in civic education. In C. Kock & L. S. Villadsen (Eds.), in Contemporary rhetorical citizenship: Purposes, practices, and perspectives. (pp. 291-308). Leiden, the Netherlands: Leiden University Press.

4) Kuehl, R. A. (2011). Toward a feminist rhetorical theory of global citizenship: (Re)contextualizing social rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In A. de Velasco & M. Lehn (Eds.), Rhetoric: Concord and controversy (pp. 167-180). Long Grove, IL: Waveland Press.

IV. Other – Reference entry:
1) Kuehl, R. A. (2011). United Nations Development Fund for Women. In M. Z. Stange, C. K. Oyster & J. E. Sloan (Eds.), The Multimedia Encyclopedia of Women in Today's World (pp. 1496-1497): Sage Publications, Inc.

V. Other - Translational research reports:
1) Drury, S. A. M., Kuehl, R. A., & Anderson, J. (2015). Community conversation report and executive summary. Brookings, SD: South Dakota State University (disseminated to community via public deliberation event funded by the Community Innovation grant from the Bush Foundation).

2) Drury, S. A. M., Kuehl, R. A., & Anderson, J. (2014). Community conversation guide. Brookings, SD: South Dakota State University (disseminated to community via public deliberation event funded by the Community Innovation grant from the Bush Foundation).

3) Anderson, J., Kuehl, R. A., Hungerford, H., & Kang, S. (2013). Evaluation of the volunteer doula program at BHS: A research partnership between South Dakota State University & Brookings Health System. Brookings, SD: South Dakota State University (disseminated to Women & Giving at SDSU, Rural Health Research Center at SDSU, and Brookings Health System).

Applications of Research

I have been involved in a variety of community partnerships while at SDSU, including applying my research expertise in partnerships with the South Dakota Department of Health, Brookings Health System, and the Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce.