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Annaleena Parhankangas

Annaleena Parhankangas


Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship & Inaugural Milton Nies Endowed Chair

Office Building

Harding Hall



Mailing Address

Harding Hall 135
Economics-Box 2220
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


Annaleena Parhankangas joined SDSU as Associate Professsor and the Milton Nies Chair in Entrepreneurship in Fall 2017. Prior to SDSU, she worked as a faculty member at University of Illinois at Chicago, New Jersey Institute of Technology and Helsinki University of Technology. Annaleena's research interests include entrepreneurial finance, indigenous entrepreneurship and economic development and communication between entrepreneurs and critical stakeholders.


PhD in Strategy and International Business, Helsinki University of Technology
Master of Science in Industrial Management and Engineering, Helsinki University of Technology

Specialty Area

  • Entrepreneurship

Awards and Honors

The Department of Managerial Studies (University of Illinois) Excellence in Teaching Award 2014

The Academy of Entrepreneurial Finance Best Paper Award 2014 for the Paper:
Parhankangas, A. Do we recognize a successful entrepreneur when we see one? The role of first impressions and stereotypes in predicting the success of crowd-funding campaigns.

The Best Paper Award at 2010 IBAM (Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management) Conference for the Paper:Parhankangas, A., & Ehrlich, M. How Entrepreneurs Seduce Business Angels: Finding a Balance between Overstated Expectations and Understated Aspirations.

The Outstanding Reviewer Award for 2008 by the Journal of Business Venturing

The Outstanding Reviewer Award for 2006 by the Journal of Business Venturing

The 2004 Taylor & Francis Publishers Award for Excellence in Research on the Topic of Venture Capital for the paper:
Parhankangas, A., Landström, H., & Smith, D.G. 2004. Experience, Contractual Covenants and Venture Capitalists' Responses to Unmet Expectations. A paper presented at the 2004 Babson-Kauffman Entrepreneurship Research Conference.

The 2004 John Bessant Best Paper Award for the paper
Feller, J., Parhankangas, A., & Smeds, R. 2004. Process Learning in Alliances Developing Radical and Incremental Innovations: Evidence from the Telecommunications Industry. A paper presented at the 2004 CINET Conference.

The 2003 Taylor & Francis Publishers Award for Excellence in Research on the Topic of Venture Capital for the paper
Parhankangas, A., & Landström, H. 2003. Responses to Psychological Contract Violations in the Entrepreneur-Venture Capitalist Relationship: An Exploratory Study. A paper presented at the 2003 Babson-Kauffman Entrepreneurship Research Conference.

Area(s) of Research

Entrepreneurial Finance, Communication in Critical Stakeholder Relationships, Economic Development, Indigenous and International Entrepreneurship