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Allison Barry

Barry, Allison


Assistant Professor

Office Building

Wagner Hall



Mailing Address

Wagner Hall 425
School of Health & Consumer Sci-Box 2275A
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


Dr. Barry is an Assistant Professor in the School of Health and Consumer Sciences. She teaches in the undergraduate and graduate programs. Her research focuses on improving cardiorespiratory fitness through increased levels of physical activity in different tactical populations. Additionally, she uses this information to create Wellness Fitness Initiatives in fire and police departments.


North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND
Doctor of Philosophy in Exercise and Nutrition Sciences (May 2018)
Dissertation: Relating Physical Activity and Cardiorespiratory Fitness to Job-Specific Skills in Firefighters

University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND
Master of Science in Kinesiology (August 2014)
Thesis: Effect of Sedentary and Physical Activity on Children’s Food Choice

University of Montana, Missoula, MT
Bachelors of Science Exercise Science (May 2012)

Professional Memberships

National Strength and Conditioning Association
American College of Sports Medicine

Work Experience

2022- Present Assistant Professor, School of Health and Consumer Sciences, South Dakota State University

2018-2022 Assistant Professor, Health, Human Performance, and Recreation, Pittsburg State University

Area(s) of Research

Peer Reviewed Publications:
Dicks ND, Brin HN, Perumal MD, Kopp SR, Hutchenson EL, Carper MJ, Walch TJ, Barry AM. (2022) An Occupational Specific VO2max Protocol for Structural Firefighters: Update. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. In Press

Stone KA, Barry AM, Kotarsky CJ, Dicks ND, Stastny SN, Byun W, Mitchell, McGrath R, Hackney KJ. (2022) Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity, Leucine, and Protein Intake Contributions to Muscle Health in Middle Age. Journal of Frailty, Sarcopenia, and Falls. 7(3):123-132.

Barry AM, Lyman, LK, Dicks ND, McGeorge CR, Carper MJ, Walch TJ. (2020) Firefighters are More Physically Activity On-Duty Compared to Off-Duty. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 17(24), 9380.

Dicks ND, Kotarsky CJ, Trautman KA, Barry AM, Keith JF, Mitchell S, Byun W, Stastny SN, Hackney KJ. (2020) Full Contribution of Protein Intake and Concurrent Exercise to Skeletal Muscle Quality with Aging. The Journal of Frailty & Aging. 9(1):51-56.

Barry AM, Lyman KJ, Dicks ND, Landin KD, McGeorge CR, Hackney KJ, Walch TJ. (2019) Firefighters’ Physical Activity and Waist Circumference as Predictors of VO2max. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 61(10):849-853.

Dicks ND, Lyman KJ, Hackney KJ, Walch TJ, Barry AM. (2019) An Occupational Specific VO2max Protocol for Structural Firefighters. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 61(5):405-409.

Terbizan D, Barry AM, Stone K, Talaski J, Bennett T, Hackney K. (2018) Use of Compression Garments for Recovery from Plyometric Exercise. Missouri Journal for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

Barry AM, Rhoades JL, Caine DJ, Fritzgerald SJ, Dalin DL, Walch TJ. (2017) Effect of Sedentary and Physical Activity on Children’s Food Choice. International Journal of Exercise Science, 10(10), 702-712.

Byun W, Barry A, Jungmin L. (2016) Energy Expenditure of Free-living Activity in 3- to 6-year-old Children. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 13 (Suppl 1), S3-S6.