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Abdallah Badahdah

Abdallah Badahdah


Associate Professor

Office Building

Psychology, Sociology and Rural Studies



Mailing Address

Ag Engineering 227
School of Psych, Soc & Rural Studies-Box 2120
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


Dr. Badahdah is an associate professor of sociology in the School of Psychology, Sociology and Rural Studies. His research focuses on health and illness, stigma, gender, families, and parenting. He published in several journals including AIDS Care, Sex Roles, Child Psychiatry and Human Development, and Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology. He serves as an associate editor for Journal of Gulf Studies, on the editorial board of Family Relations, on the consulting editorial board of AIDS and Behavior.


Ph.D. Sociology
BA. Psychology

Academic Interests

Health and illness (stigma, mental health, adherence to medication)
Parenting practices
Social psychological aspects of HIV/AIDS
COVID-19 (mental health, vaccine, healthcare providers)

Professional Memberships

Midwest Sociological Society
National Council on Family Relations
Society for Personality and Social Psychology

Creative Activities

COVID-19 Family Impact Survey in South Dakota

Deepening Partisan Polarization on Most Political Figures in South Dakota - September 23, 2021
South Dakotans’ Thoughts on the Origins of COVID-19 - September 22, 2021
The Rights to Know and to Refuse Service Based on COVID-19 Vaccination Status - September 21, 2021
Disagreements Over COVID-19 Prevention Measures Strain Relationships with Friends and Family - September 17, 2021
South Dakotans Are Cool Towards Incentives for COVID-19 Vaccination - September 15, 2021
On Questions of COVID-19 Mitigation Methods, South Dakotans are Sharply Polarized - September 14, 2021
South Dakotans Split on Support for Vaccination Passports - September 9, 2021
South Dakotans Remain Strongly Polarized on Getting Vaccinated - September 8, 2021

Applications of Research

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