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Direct Admit Program

Ready to turn your passion into a career?

High school seniors who wish to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) from South Dakota State University have the option to apply for the direct admit program. The direct admit program guarantees admission into the professional nursing major (standard option), prior to the competitive selection process, for students who meet specific, pre-established criteria. Students who do not meet the criteria for the direct admit program can apply for admission to the professional nursing major as part of a competitive application process, as long as all eligibility requirements have been met.

To find out more about our selection criteria, contact the Director of Nursing Student Services. Applications for Direct Admit are available in January of the same year for students starting as first-time freshmen in the fall semester and are due by April 1 of that year. Students must be admitted to South Dakota State University before applying to Direct Admit for the College of Nursing.

Requirements to maintain direct admit status

Direct admit students are provisionally admitted to the professional nursing major. They must meet a specific set of requirements during their first three semesters on campus in order to begin the nursing major coursework at the start of the fourth semester. Once admitted in the fall of their freshman year, direct admit students must:

  • be enrolled as a full-time student each semester,
  • participate in the Fishback Honors College and meet the Fishback Honors College progression standards required for priority registration each semester (students with a 27 or higher ACT are automatically admitted to Fishback Honors College),
  • apply to the nursing major* before or during their 3rd semester on campus, once all pre-requisite courses are completed or in progress, and
  • earn a letter grade of 'C' or higher (no D, F, or Withdrawal grades) in all pre-nursing courses:
    • CHEM 106/106 or CHEM 112/112L
    • CHEM 108/108L or CHEM 114/114L
    • HDFS 210
    • NUTR 315
    • MICR 231/231L
    • PSYC 101
    • SOC 100, 150 or 240
    • BIOL 221/221L
    • BIOL 325/325L

*Application to the nursing major is required for validation purposes. Students must pass a background check and drug screening after provisional acceptance into the nursing major.

If a direct admit student does not maintain eligibility, their application to the nursing major will be considered in the competitive application pool, as long as application requirements have been met.