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Message Map

Core Message

SDSU provides an inclusive, experiential learning environment that is supported through academic excellence, faculty engagement and a strong return on investment for graduates via job placement, graduate school and other opportunities leading toward a rewarding career path.

What students can expect

  • Inclusive Environment
    • 200+ clubs/organizations
    • culture of involvement + participation
    • exposure to people of all backgrounds
  • Academic Excellence
    • outstanding faculty
    • meaningful, often global, experience
    • strong program in desired major

What students will receive

  • Experiential Learning
    • hands-on learning opportunities 
    • support and access to faculty
    • internships/career preparation
  • Successful Outcomes
    • high graduation rates
    • path to jobs/internships/acceptance to grad school
    • opportunities for online and distance degrees

What makes us special

  • Engaged Community
    • deep emotional and career connections with alumni
    • unparalleled sense of community pride with Brookings
    • feeling of belonging
  • Great Value
    • return on investment
    • state university = affordable tuition
    • 85% receive some financial aid