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For Our Parents

Welcome Parents, to the Dairy and Food Science Department. If your son or daughter is a student in our Department at SDSU, we thank you for entrusting their career to us. If you are considering college and career opportunities for your son or daughter, we welcome you and invite you to browse our web pages for more information and importantly, we invite you to come visit us on campus. The Dairy Science Department has a rich heritage of teaching, research and service that dates back to the origins of the university and over the years it has provided many students with very fulfilling career opportunities. Many of these success stories can be seen in the Career Opportunities section of this web page.  In 2015,  an additional major, Food Science, was added to our majors and the name of the department was changed to Dairy and Food Science, further enriching the offerings for students.
The Dairy and Food Science Department offers B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. specializations in Dairy Manufacturing, Dairy Production and Food Science. We have 13 excellent, dedicated faculty members, that includes a dairy farm manager and a dairy plant manager. Our facilities include a dairy farm that is home to approximately 150 milking Holsteins and Brown Swiss, the new state of the art Davis Dairy Plant and a newly remodeled Alfred Dairy Science Hall. These facilities provide students hands-on opportunities in their chosen field in Dairy Science and Food Science.
Our Dairy Production major provides hands-on training in the areas of dairy farm management, dairy cattle nutrition, breeding, and dairy cattle judging. Many of our graduates return to their home operations, or are employed in dairy farm management positions, the feed industry, breeding, extension and other related fields. During their college careers they also have the opportunity to participate on a competitive basis in dairy cattle judging and/or intercollegiate dairy challenge programs as well as undergraduate research.
The Dairy Manufacturing major provides hands-on training in the processing aspects of Dairy Science. The new Davis Dairy plant is the core facility for this training. Graduates commonly receive multiple job offers in the dairy processing industry and very quickly rise to leadership positions. As students, they can also participate in dairy products judging.

Food Science is the study of the science behind and involved with the production, preservation, packaging and distribution of safe, wholesome and nutritious foods.  Students will develop a knowledge base related to the basic physical, microbiological, chemical and engineering sciences as they are applied to foods. 
Students in all majors also have the option of pursuing advanced degrees in Dairy Science at SDSU under the guidance of our faculty members. Graduate Research Assistantships are available.
For our undergraduate students we award approximately $150,000 in scholarships each year and also offer employment at the farm and dairy plant.  Our student-run Dairy Club and Food Club are very active organizations that provides students leadership opportunities while acquiring an understanding of the industry.
We look forward to discussing these opportunities with you and invite you to visit campus and the Dairy and Food Science Department.