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COVID-19 Response: Internal Update 4-21-2020

SDSU Community –

Please see below some important information as it pertains to COVID-19 and the impact on campus operations. Internal updates are now being sent as needed.

SDSU Works Program

In order to redeploy our employees who are currently on paid administrative leave, SDSU is launching the SDSU Works program. SDSU Works will match our current extra capacity with our current needs across the university.

We know employees are on paid administrative leave, and at the same time, we know we have current needs for additional help. We also have both graduate students and student employees who are in need of paid working hours. In order to match our extra capacity with our current needs, Human Resources will be utilizing QuestionPro to collect data from deans, directors and department heads.

The program will work as follows:

  • Key policy and legal aspects:
    • Pay will not be reduced for employees being redeployed into work that is typically at a lower classification.
    • All employment laws, regulations and policies will be followed in the program.
    • Additional duties that add to the difficulty of the position will result in additional compensation.
      • For CSA employees, both when those duties “do not warrant reclassification of the position,” ARSD 55:10:11:15 and when the CSA employee accepts responsibilities for a position with “higher market value” for “more than five working days,” ARSD 55:10:11:03.
      • For NFE employees, who have “documented additional workload” per SDBOR Policy 3.4.1.
      • For Faculty, Section 7.7 of the Faculty Handbook (Assigned Additional Workload).
      • For all employees, SDBOR Policy 4:36(5).
    • Employees who turn down temporary assignments will not be subject to discipline, except where the duties they would be temporarily assigned are those they are required to fulfill in accordance with their position description or other expectations document. They will not be entitled to paid administrative leave for the duration of the temporary assignment request. They may utilize appropriate leave or take leave without pay.
    • Employees will be assured their previous position will be waiting for them at the end of the temporary assignment, unless otherwise reorganized through lawful processes.
  • Human Resources SDSU Works Coordinator. This employee is responsible for administering the details of SDSU Works. This includes, but is not limited to, communicating with deans, department heads, directors and staff to ensure deployment of surveys, reviewing classifications and additional duty pay requirements, and matching potential human resource needs with availability across campus.
    • The SDSU Works coordinator is Marc Serrett.
    • Laura Sroufe will assist with classification review and needs matching.
    • Beth Clapp will provide task support.
  • Human Resource Capacity Assessment. Human Resources will develop a survey (QuestionPro or other approved methods) that will go to deans, department heads and directors, asking for feedback regarding current human resource needs within their department. The survey will be deployed initially at the start of SDSU Works, once per week thereafter, and upon initiation by the unit requesting assistance or reporting excess capacity, as human resource needs will change.

A shared Box folder will be used to maintain the weekly lists and only HR personnel will have access. The SDSU Works coordinator will review both the needs and the extra capacity reported and match the most qualified individual to the need. Care will be taken to ensure that employees in a similar role are selected first and that any matches are based on nondiscriminatory reasons. Classification will be reviewed, and temporary pay adjustments made when needed and will be represented to the employee in writing.

The employee selected to fill a need will receive a written notice signed by their current supervisor, their temporary supervisor and a designated Human Resources representative. The notice will contain any temporary pay adjustments, a complete description of the duties, the duration of the temporary assignment, the expected work schedule (if any) and the above legal/policy aspects (old job awaits them, no paid administrative leave, etc.) prior to their assignment.

Temporary time and leave sheets will be routed to the temporary supervisor by Human Resources. The employee’s permanent department will submit fund source change. The department with the need will only be charged what they budgeted for the position.

For additional information on redeployment of employees, please review “3 ways to engage staff with excess capacity during coronavirus”that was prepared by EAB.

Thank you for your continued attention to these important messages during such an unprecedented time. The university remains committed to its core values that include being people centered. We consider the safety and well-being of our employees paramount as we continue to operate and service our community.

COVID-19 is a global concern and our primary focus is preventing its spread. Please note that SDSU’s nondiscrimination policies are in effect and that harassment and discrimination against anyone—either in person or virtually—will not be tolerated.

The Office of Title IX/EO remains open to address any allegations that arise. As always, complaints can be reported online or via email. Individuals can also call 605-688-4128.

For well-being purposes, meetings with Title IX/EO staff will likely be conducted via Zoom or telephone.


COVID-19 Response Team