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COVID-19 Dashboard

SDSU COVID-19 Dashboard

The SDSU COVID-19 dashboard provides updates of COVID-19 related data to the SDSU community. The data will be updated by daily, except when the University is closed and during holidays. This data is not cumulative.

This dashboard uses data collected from reports provided by SDSU students, faculty and staff to the university’s case notification form. The data includes active cases and those actively isolating and quarantining. The accuracy of self-reported data cannot be guaranteed.

It is important to note SDSU has students taking classes at locations outside of Brookings. Those students are asked to complete the case notification form. As a result, SDSU data may not align with the South Dakota Department of Health (SD-DOH) data.

Official accurate data may be viewed on the SD-DOH website and may be reported at different intervals than the data on this webpage. Additionally, the SD-DOH publishes the Total COVID-19 Cases within South Dakota colleges, universities and technical colleges, which is updated every Monday around 12.

Isolation and Quarantine numbers include faculty, staff and students who are on campus in QIH, off the Brookings main campus and those who may have returned home for their isolation and quarantine period.

Last Updated - September 24, 2021

Total Number of Current (Active) Self-Reported South Dakota State University Positive Tests

Faculty, Staff and Students






SDSU Current (Active) Cases

Number of active cases self-reported to the SDSU case notification form starting August 1, 2021.

Total Number of Currently Quarantined and Isolated South Dakota State University Individuals

Faculty, Staff and Students


Those in Campus Facilities



SDSU Protocol Communicating Presumptive/Positive COVID-19 Tests

When an individual at SDSU experiences symptoms of COVID-19, has presumptive, inconclusive or a confirmed COVID-19 test, the individual should notify their academic instructors and/or employment supervisor of any needed absences. The individual, or a representative on their behalf, must also complete the COVID-19 Case Notification Form. The form will gather information based on the type of notification.


Questions may be sent to the COVID-19 Response Team by email.