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COVID-19 Updates: Stay Informed

COVID-19: Alternative Grading Option for Students

April 3, 2020

SDSU Students and Community –

South Dakota State University is providing an alternative grading option of S/U for some programs and courses in recognition of the circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic. A temporary South Dakota Board of Regents policy for spring 2020 semester was developed to allow students the option to select S/U (S = Satisfactory, U = Unsatisfactory) grades for some programs and majors.

If an S/U grade option is selected, students will receive all applicable credit for satisfactory completion of the approved course, but the grade does not figure in GPA calculations.

Please note the following important information pertaining to the process:

  • Students will have the opportunity from May 4-18, 2020 to select whether or not they want to receive an S/U grade for one or more courses for the spring 2020 semester, if they are in a major or program where S/U grades are allowed.
  • This option includes courses that were originally online as well as those that transitioned to remote (online) teaching and learning this semester.
  • Students will submit their grading options on an electronic form that will be provided at a later date.
  • Instructors will assign a letter grade at the end of the term. At that time, students may keep the letter grade or change to an S/U option, if allowed for the major/program.
  • S/U determinations will be made as follows, assuming the student selects the option:
    • Letter grades A, B, C will be converted to an S;
    • Letter grade D will be converted to a U;
    • Letter grade F will be automatically converted to a U.
  • Due to accreditation/licensure considerations and the particular discipline, not all programs are eligible for the S/U grades in the spring 2020 semester. Students in programs not eligible will not be able to request their grades be recorded as S/U. There are 8 undergraduate programs and approximately 35 graduate-level programs and specializations not eligible for S/U grading.
  • Please check the official list of programs not eligible.
  • Course sections designated as S/U at the beginning of the spring 2020 semester will continue using the S/U grading option.

We understand you may have other questions pertaining to academic standing, credit toward your major, fulfilling graduation requirements, impact of an S/U grade over a letter grade, etc.

The Office of Academic Affairs has developed a set of questions and answers online. We encourage you to read through the questions to find any answers that may apply to your situation. If you have additional questions, please contact your academic advisor.

Thank you. We understand there has been a great deal of information sent in recent weeks, but please keep checking your jacks email account.

We hope you are all safe and healthy. We are proud to serve you and to support you in your educational journey.


Office of Academic Affairs