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COVID-19 Updates: Stay Informed

COVID-19 Response: Internal Update 3-16-2020

March 16, 2020

Campus Community –

Please see below some important information as it pertains to COVID-19 and its impact on campus operations this week.

Campus moves to online classes temporarily

South Dakota State University, in concert with the public universities which comprise the South Dakota Board of Regent’s system, announced earlier that beginning Monday, March 23, all classes will be temporary moved online and that on-campus, in-person classes are currently scheduled to resume April 6.

The SDBOR will revisit this evolving situation March 27 and communicate any changes in course delivery, if needed, at that time.

We recognize that the announcement will create questions. A Q&A webpage has been created on the COVID-19 Response page for your reference and will be updated at needed.

Finance and Administration

During this disruption in business operations, the Finance and Administration team is working hard to serve you in as much of a “business as usual” manner as possible. Many members of its team are working remotely, and the goal is to provide you all the services you need to do your important work. You can continue to communicate with your normal contacts, but if your typical contacts are unavailable as a result of the situation, we want everyone to have additional contact information to ensure continuity of our processes.

Accounting and Financial Services

Grants and Contracts

Academic Shared Service Center(serving AHSS, Nursing, Natural Sciences, and EHS)


  • Custodial Questions: 605-688-5241 (please leave a voicemail)
  • Other Facilities Questions: 605-688-4136 (please leave a voicemail)

Budget & Finance

  • PARs and personnel-related budget questions — Annalisa Reed
  • All other budget-related questions — Mike Holbeck (605-688-4920)

Business Services

  • Purchasing related questions — Vicki Soren (605-688-5128 please leave a message)
  • Educational content questions — Amber Healy
  • Door Access questions — Kendell Rohrbach (605-688-6943 please leave a message)
  • Printing Services questions – Bob Carlson (605-688-5111)
  • Transportation Services — Jessica Rients (605-688-7275 please leave a message)
  • All other Business Services-related questions — Derek Peterson (605-688-4529)

Human Resources

All services continue as normal with the exception that communications are being handled remotely through email, phone or Zoom. Recruitment interviews may be limited to electronic interviewing in accordance with any health and safety protocols adopted by SDSU. The Human Resources Office may be reached at 605-688-4128 or the following numbers:

As we implement our business continuity plan, your main contact in many cases will be available; and if they are, please work through them if possible. If you have trouble reaching them or need immediate assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the individuals above.

We know that there are many specific topics you will have questions about. In the coming days, we plan to provide communication and instructions on topics including:

  • Timesheets and instructions to make sure all our employees get paid correctly;
  • Travel cancellation and reimbursements as a result of COVID-19; and
  • Tracking COVID-19 expenses and lost revenue throughout the organization.

If you have any other questions or need assistance on any other items, please contact Mike Holbeck at 605-688-4920.

Thank you for your continued attention to these important messages during such an unprecedented time. The university remains committed to its core values that include being people-centered. We consider the safety and well-being of our employees paramount as we continue to operate and service our community.

COVID-19 is a global concern and our primary focus is preventing its spread. Please note that SDSU’s nondiscrimination policies are in effect and that harassment and discrimination against anyone—either in person or virtually—will not be tolerated.

The Office of Title IX/EO remains open to address any allegations that arise. As always, complaints can be reported online or via email. Individuals can also call 605-688-4128.

For well-being purposes, meetings with Title IX/EO staff will likely be conducted via Zoom or telephone.


COVID-19 Response Team