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COVID-19 Updates: Stay Informed

COVID-19 Response: Internal Update

March 14, 2020

Campus Community –

Greetings. The purpose of this correspondence is to provide internal updates based on important information for the campus community as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. These communications will be sent regularly.

VPN Update

VPN Access will be available for those employees who will work remotely next week during the governor’s state of emergency.

Currently, all NFE and faculty have been granted VPN access to work remotely.

CSA employees requesting access must contact their supervisor. CSA supervisors will be responsible for approving the request and submitting it to the SDSU Support Desk.

For those approved to have VPN access, please follow the steps below to set up your VPN connection. 

  • You must be OFF campus when you set up your VPN connection. It will not work if you are connected to the campus network.
  • While off-campus, connect to the internet and visit
  • Download and install the Cisco AnyConnect Client.
  • Double-click the desktop icon for Cisco AnyConnect or open from Start Menu.
  • Enter into the connection field and click “Connect.”
  • Type in your InsideState credentials and select "Connect."

Your system is now connected to the campus network and you should be able to access and map network shares, including your personal drive.

For security and bandwidth conservation, authorized individuals should disconnect from the VPN when access to the SDSU network is not required.

All remote work needs to follow the university’s policies and procedures and ensure the use of state resources is for work only. Specific policies to reference include:

All technology policies can be found in Section 7 of the university’s policies and procedures manual.

If you have any questions or need assistance setting this up, please contact the SDSU Support Desk at 688-6776.

The SDSU Support Desk will be staffed at 8 a.m. Monday. However, please feel free to email your questions, or call and leave a voicemail. The staff will respond remotely to emails and voice mail messages as soon as possible over the weekend and into next week.

To ensure proper social distancing, please utilize the phone and email options and not visit the support desk in person.

Research Update
Two very important questions came from researchers around campus in the past 24 hours.
  1. Will there be a way to continue to replenish materials, such as specialty gases, that are needed to maintain essential research assets and resources in a viable state?
    1. Yes. Procurement staff are functioning, and deliveries will be maintained on a limited basis. Departments should direct essential on-site personnel, as needed, to receive delivered materials.
  2. If the university moves to full online course delivery, will research computing resources be limited due to the bandwidth required for online course delivery?
    1. No, computing resources are expected to be adequate for both research and education mission delivery if needed. Technician availability may be limited, but all needs for assistance in HPC and non-HPC computing segments should be directed through the Help Desk.

Thank you for your continued attention to these important messages during such an unprecedented time. The university remains committed to its core values that include being people-centered. We consider the safety and well-being of our employees paramount as we continue to operate and service our community.

COVID-19 is a global concern and our primary focus is preventing its spread. Please note that SDSU’s nondiscrimination policies are in effect and that harassment and discrimination against anyone—either in person or virtually—will not be tolerated.

The Office of Title IX/EO remains open to address any allegations that arise. As always, complaints can be reported online or via email. Individuals can also call 605-688-4128. For wellbeing purposes, meetings with Title IX/EO staff will likely be conducted via Zoom or telephone.


COVID-19 Response Team