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Solution Focused Brief Therapy

CHRD is pleased to have the permission to share this information initially posted on the Brief Family Therapy Center website. Members and students who were fortunate to learn about the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy from inspiring leaders, Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer (both now deceased) wish to keep their teachings available to others. 

Insoo Kim Berg

  Building Solutions with Mandated Clients
  Case Presentation/Consultation Outline
  Collaborative Assessment
  For Students ONLY
  Hot Tips
  Student's Corner
  Indications of Client Engagement
  List of Question Lead-In
  Paradigm Shift
  Solution -Building Procedures
  Useful Language Skills
  Useful Questions for Working With Involuntary Clients
  Working Assumption About Children
  Working Assumptions About Parents

Steve de Shazer

  Techniques Q&A
  The Miracle Question
  Thinking About the Miracle Question
  Don't Think, But Observe
  Emotions and Scaling Questions
  Goals and Solutions
  Some SBFT Language