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About the Program

Counseling and Human Development is part of the College of Education and Human Sciences and is comprised of the Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) program and the nationally-accredited Counseling and Human Resource Development (CHRD) programs. Students within both programs study the individual, group and family throughout the lifespan and are prepared to enter helping professions.


During the summer of 2010, the College of Education and Counseling and the College of Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) merged to form the College of Education and Human Sciences. To complete this merger, departments and programs of the former colleges were combined. The Human Development program of FCS became part of the Counseling and Human Resource Development Department (CHRD) to form  Counseling and Human Development. 

Program Locations

The faculty for all the programs are located in Wenona Hall, including HDFS, GERO and the MS in EHS program and faculty offices that were previously located in Wagner Hall. The MEd CHRD and the nationally accredited MS CHRD program and faculty offices are located on the third floor of Wenona Hall.