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Welcome to Conversation Across Communities, the home of our research project on membership and belonging in South Dakota.

Our project seeks to collect stories about living in South Dakota. This is an ongoing study and we plan to collect stories from hundreds of residents of South Dakota and the Native Nations that share the same geography from a wide variety of communities and locations.

These interviews will serve as:

  • an historical archive that compiles oral histories about the experience of living in South Dakota
  • a tool to allow individuals and communities to share their experiences in their own words
  • a resource to help researchers, policy makers, activists, artists, and community members interpret and respond to the idea of citizenship, membership, and belonging in South Dakota

Would you like to participate in our study?

If you are over 18 and have lived in South Dakota for at least six months, we want to interview you.

  • Participants will be interviewed by trained oral history practitioners.
  • Interviews will last about 1 hour and take place over Zoom.
  • You may choose to remain anonymous.
  • You may tell your story in Amharic, Dakota, English, French Lakota, and/or Spanish.
  • You will be compensated $50 after you complete the interview.

If you are interested or want more information, please contact a member of our research team.


This space will be changing as our project progresses—we hope you will return!