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Whitney Jerman

Degree Program: Master's in Dietetics

Graduation Year: 2013

Why did you choose to further your education online?

I always knew I wanted to obtain a Master's degree to stay competitive in the field of nutrition. The online program offered a wider variety of courses, and allowed me to work full time in a location lacking a university. By working full time in the field while attending graduate school, I was able to directly apply what I learned in my online classes—which helped me retain more knowledge and skills. 

What interests you about your major?

I have always been interested in nutrition, dating way back to involvement with 4-H Special Foods when I was young. Nutrition/dietetics combines my passion for food and cooking with the science I always found fascinating.

What has been your most interesting class?

My classes have been so diverse—from learning about molecular aspects of vitamins and minerals, to financial management and marketing, I enjoyed them all and was able to customize my education to my interests and career choices.  

How have the faculty and staff enhanced your experience?

The flexibility that the continuing education faculty and staff offer is priceless. This flexibility makes it possible to work full time and be a full time grad student! 

What is your favorite SDSU experience?

I'm excited to travel to Brookings to present my research project and meet my graduate committee face-to-face!  

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Continuing to gain experience in the field of nutrition and dietetics, striving to make a difference in the health and wellness of South Dakotans.  

What piece of advice would you give new online students?

You will get as much out of the program as you put into it.  Self-discipline is a must, but in return you gain respect and flexibility from faculty and staff. Don't be afraid to try taking a class on something new—you may develop a new interest!


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