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What courses should I take?

Based on the student’s desired area of study, SDSU has identified five options that will guide them in choosing the courses that will help them get started on their chosen academic path.

1. Option 1: Agricultural & Natural Science (page 7)
2. Option 2: Education, Social Sciences and Management (page 8)
3. Option 3: Engineering, Technology & Math (page 9)
4. Option 4: Health Sciences (page 9)
5. Option 5: Humanities, Fine Arts & Design (page 10)

As the student begins choosing courses that will satisfy SGR Goal 3 and 4, they must remember to take two courses in each of these goals and they must be in different disciplines unless they are taking a foreign language.

Example: HIST 121 and HIST 122 satisfy SGR Goal 4 but the course disciplines are the same (HIST); therefore, the student cannot use both of these courses to meet SGR Goal 4. However, if they choose to satisfy this requirement by taking SPAN 101, they would be able to take SPAN 102 because it is a foreign language.

Online Catalog

Access SDSU’s undergraduate catalog online.

Through the online catalog, students can explore SDSU’s academic programs, courses, policies and procedures. The catalog should be used as a guide in planning a course of study and in meeting requirements for graduation.

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