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Online Student Testimonials

See what our online students have to say.

Agricultural Science (AS)
Ag/Environmental Law (CU)

[When selecting a school], "I narrowed my search down to three universities and SDSU had the stronger online presence and a wider variety of classes available to online students. I have taken quizzes and exams in six different states over the last year while traveling for work, which is the flexibility I need to balance work and school."

At first, I was worried about learning online because thought of myself as an in-person learner. I soon realized learning is about time management and getting in the mindset to learn. For in-person I felt forced to learn on the school’s time. With online, while still restricted to the academic week, I can learn on my time. This helps get into the right mindset to better process professors’ lectures.



General Studies

"I put off getting my bachelors because I wasn't sure I wanted to spend the money nor time. I researched A LOT of options, I could not believe how affordable SDSU was! Fate aligned when I received Aimee Maher as my advisor & the rest is history. SDSU employs the most professional, caring and compassionate instructors, advisors and staff members! I enjoyed my journey so much!"

"My advice would be JUMP IN. Just commit and get it done, you will be SO happy when you are finished and it will all be worth it. Yes, there will be times it may seem like a lot however, pushing through and on graduation you will be so proud of yourself. Stop looking because SDSU online is the best, trust me. I have looked into other schools and always came back to SDSU. I am so glad I did!"

Casee's Testimonial Photo


Family and Community Services

"SDState Online has helped me strengthen my professional skills that I was lacking. The professional development courses that are offered are extremely helpful."

"My learning experience at SDSU has by far made me a better CFLE. Every semester I look forward to what I can learn from class and how I can apply that knowledge to my business."


Featured Faculty

Diischer serves as the online course coordinator to all online instructors within the math department to maintain consistency with course materials and prepares the teaching assistants to ensure they understand their important role in the online course.

In her online courses, Diischer focuses on how to help students learn and has embraced technology and new ideas in order to achieve that goal. Knowing that most students in her classes are not math majors, she incorporates real life problems to help students think about math in the context of their respective fields.

“She was an amazing teacher. I was a bit nervous about taking math online as I had never done it before. However, Mrs. Diischer was very helpful with any problems I had. These problems varied from actual math problems to technical problems to questions about the course. I really liked the content involved in this class, having some assignments on paper was really nice. Overall, this class taught me a lot and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering taking an online math class.”

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