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Using Happiness to Your Advantage

Instructor: Dr. Jill Thorngren Ph.D. 
When: Postponed until further notice
Where: Community College for Sioux Falls; Room FCS1 106
$275 per person; $200 per person for groups of 3 or more

When will you be happy? If you’re thinking that completing your next big project or milestone will make you happy, STOP and come to this workshop. You’ll learn that cultivating happiness and wellbeing precede success, not the other way around.  

The Happiness Advantage* breaks down the neuroscience of positive psychology and demonstrates that happiness, gratitude and optimism are a triple bottom line for personal and organizational success. You will take away:

  • Basic understanding of the way our brains interpret daily events and how to use this wiring to our advantage.
  • Ways for thinking and relating in (very slightly) different ways that can have big impacts.
  • Practical strategies for enhancing your own wellbeing and that of your organization. 

Who should attend: Business leaders and employees interested in affecting personal and organizational success

*Based on Shawn Achor’s bestselling book by the same name.

Meet Our Instructor

Jill Thorngren, Ph.D., is Dean of the College of Education and Human Sciences at South Dakota State University. She is a Professor of Counseling and is licensed as a clinical professional counselor, marriage and family therapist, and a certified executive coach. In addition to academia, Jill has worked in private practice for over 23 years counseling and coaching couples, families, individuals, and leaders. She is certified in the Hogan Assessment system, Profile XT Assessment system, and has Level I and Level II certification in Making Change Happen and Leading Change in High Stakes from the Kantor Institute and Dialogix, Ltd in Boston, MA.

Jill’s expertise is in systems work, which she has applied to organizational and leadership development. Her Context, People, Relationship approach recognizes each component of the system as a possible leverage point for change. She is adept at empowering team members and facilitating clear communication across teams with the overall goal of aligning team members with the direction and goals of their organization and brand.