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Proctor Policy and Form

Students may take examinations off campus as long as security measures for administering the test are strictly maintained before, during and after testing. Off campus examinees should be tested under the same circumstances as their peers on campus to ensure the academic integrity of the examination. The student is responsible for selecting a qualified proctor, which must be approved by the course instructor. Not all online or off-campus courses require exams and quizzes to be proctored, this is determined by the course instructor.

SDSU Proctor Agreement Form

Appropriate ProctorsInappropriate Proctors
Faculty MembersHigh school students
Retired faculty membersCollege peers
Professional Educators (superintendent or principal)Relatives
Guidance CounselorsCo-workers
Military Officers 

The examination should be administered in a quiet, well-lighted office or classroom setting conducive to concentration. Exam administration in private homes is not appropriate.

Proctor Responsibilities include:

  • Store the exam in a secure location where it cannot be accessed by other students.
  • Check student photo ID to ensure the examinee is actually the right person.
  • Ensure no copies of the exam are made.
  • Ensure that the student does not access notes, books or articles during the exam unless the test specifies otherwise.
  • Time the test and stop the examinee after time has been expended.
  • Note any testing irregularities on a separate sheet.
  • Secure the exam until mailing.
  • Ship completed test to designated address within 4 hours of test completion. Use traceable shipping procedures (UPS, FedEx, etc.)
  • If a fee is charged for exam supervision, request payment from the student at the time of testing. SDSU will not pay proctor fees.

SDSU reserves the right to verify proctor qualifications, require additional evidence of eligibility or select a different proctor. The Proctor Agreement may be terminated for any cause by the proctor, student or SDSU upon written notification to all parties.

SD BOR Proctor Information

LocationContact Information
Black Hills State University605-642-6099 or
BHSU - Rapid City605-718-4193 or
Capital City Campus605-773-2160
Dakota State
Northern State University605-626-2029 or
South Dakota State University605-688-6460 or
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology605-394-2428
USD Sioux Falls605-274-9550 or
University of South Dakota605-658-6143 or