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Online Sociology - Community Development Specialization (M.S.)

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Fundamental change often happens at the local level. Communities thrive when local decision-makers and activists can creatively implement solutions for the social, economic, cultural and environmental challenges the community faces. The Master’s in Community Development program opens up the opportunity to study with leading educators and researchers representing diverse fields including community and regional planning, architecture, sociology, Native American studies, economics and natural resources. See the whole picture and sharpen your ability to make democratic and socially conscious decisions.

For the professional as well as the activist who desires to contribute to positive change in their communities and regions, our program can equip you with the tools and educational experience to be more effective. Online delivery and modular scheduling allows you to fit classes into your own schedule around your professional career and personal responsibilities. Yet, you will still capture the richness of interacting and networking with other students in this electronic learning community.

Focusing on your goals.

Select your specialty. You will have the opportunity to select a specialized emphasis of study in one of four areas. Each of these study areas has three separate capstone options—a thesis, practicum or additional elective courses.

  • Working with Native Communities
  • Building Economic Capacity
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Non-Profit Management

Providing access to the best opportunities.

Great Plains IDEA Partnership

This program is offered through SDSU's partnership with the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (GPIDEA). Collaborative, multi-institutional online programs expand and diversify your educational opportunities. Courses led by instructors from partner universities and interactions with geographically-dispersed students will broaden your perceptions and knowledge.

Program Contact

Paul Markel
School of Psychology, Sociology & Rural Studies
Hansen Hall 029

SDSU GPIDEA Coordinator

Aimee Maher
Phone: 605-688-4154

SDSU Continuing and Distance Education

Phone: 605-688-4154

SDSU Graduate Admissions

Phone: 605-688-4181