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Online General Studies (A.A.)

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The Associate’s Degree in General Studies provides you with a foundation of general education courses in six core areas of study-composition, speech, the social sciences, humanities, mathematics and the natural sciences—along with elective coursework that totals up to 60 credits. Graduate with a degree that says you are prepared for a job of impact or signals you are ahead of the crowd as you transfer into a bachelor’s degree program.

Your General Education Requirements

  • Develop Sound Reasoning — System General Education Courses
  • Express Yourself — System General Education Courses
  • Understand Your World — Social Sciences and Diversity Courses
  • Expand Your Horizons — Art, Literature, Culture and Language Courses
  • Compute and Balance Solutions — Mathematics and Statistics Courses
  • Methodically Test and Analyze Results — Natural Sciences Courses

Note: All Minnesota residents enrolling in online courses for the A.A. in General Studies degree must complete at least 5 General Education credit hours in English/Communications; and 8 General Education credit hours in the following: Math/Natural Science, Humanities and Social Sciences. Minnesota residents will be required to have a total of 40 credits in General Education for the A.A. in General Studies.

Program Contact

Randi Anderson
Professional Academic Advisor
School of English and Interdisciplinary Studies
Pugsley 303M

SDSU Continuing and Distance Education

Phone: 605-688-4154

SDSU Admissions

Phone: 605-688-4121