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Journalism and Mass Communication (B.S.)

A degree in Journalism and Mass Communication prepares students to develop systems of media production and modes of storytelling, taking advantage of new media platforms as they emerge. The program covers the four key phases of media production: pre-production (research skills and story development), production (shooting the story), post-production (editing and graphics) and distribution (marketing and delivery systems). The four-year media production program awards both a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor Science degree in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Graduates of this program possess a journalist's understanding of storytelling, are prepared in alternative modes of storytelling and media production and can contribute to management decisions related to digital media and technology. They possess a broad knowledge of digital media and delivery systems and are equipped to advise organizational direction in what has become a very complex and sometimes confusing technology world.


  • University Center (UC) - Sioux Falls, SD