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Faculty Certification

Online/Hybrid Instructor Certification Recognition

In order to enhance SDSU’s commitment to academic excellence, a training program has been designed specifically for online/hybrid instructors. This program focuses on the skills, knowledge, and best practices required of high quality online/hybrid instruction. The program allows online/hybrid instructors to choose to become certified at one of three levels; Basic, Advanced, and Master.

Basic Level Certification

Ekaterina KoromyslovaConstruction & Operations Management
Larry BrowningPhysics
Madhav NepalBiology & Microbiology
Ryan McKnightEconomiics
Steph JacobsonPharmacy & Allied Health Professions

Advanced Level Certification

Patricia Ahmed Sociology
SunWoo KangCounseling & Human Development
Sanjeev AnandDairy & Food Science
Lacey McCromackHealth & Nutritional Sciences
Peter WhiteTeaching, Learning & Leadership
Natalie MookUniversity College
William (Bill) AlsakerMathematics & Statistics
Byron Garry Construction & Operations Management
Anne Buttolph Nursing
Katherine Bissonette   Communication Studies & Theatre
Suzette Burckhard     Civil & Environmental Engineering
Gus Scully         University Center- Rapid City
Larry Taylor         School of Design
Cynthia Elverson       Nursing
Erika Huber               Nursing
Pat Tillie              Pharmacy & Allied Health Professions
Ruth Klawiter          Nursing
Roxanne Lucchesi       Journalism & Mass Communications
Paula Carson                 Nursing
Kay Foland               Nursing
Nicole Klein          Economics
Todd Trooien           Ag & Biosystems Engineering
Susanne Brokmeier     Teaching, Learning & Leadership
Annette Johnson  Pharmacy & Allied Health Professions
Christina PlemmonsNursing
Katherine Erdman Becker 

Master Level Certification

Kelsey RamlHealth & Nutritional Sciences
Jessica MeenderingHealth & Nutritional Sciences
Lori HayungsTeaching, Learning & Leadership
Mary BowneTeaching, Learning & Leadership
Lyle OlsonJournalism & Mass Communication
Karla HunterCommunication Studies
Melissa WuellnerNatural Resource Management
Nicole GravesTeaching, Learning & Leadership
Tami DaleCounseling & Human Development
Lisa MadsenEnglish
Lauri SohlGeography
Barbara ChristensenCounseling & Human Development
April MyrickEnglish
Rocky DaileyJournalism & Mass Communication
Elijah Van BenschotenSchool of Designs
Lynda VanhuizenTeaching, Learning & Leadership
Fathi HalaweishChemistry & Biochemistry
Melissa GranumUniversity College
Alexander (Sandy) SmartNatural Resource Management
Rebecca BrittJournalism & Mass Communication
George TsakiridisHistory, 
Elizabeth DrokeHealth & Nutritional Sciences