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Data Science Certificate

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Data science is one of the hottest careers in the nation today, with demand predicted to grow even more in the future. It’s common to see it rated as the number one career in the nation on major employment websites such as CareerCast and Glassdoor. The SDSU Graduate Certificate in Data Science provides training in a wide range of powerful data science analysis and computation methodologies that have proven to be extremely valuable in today’s data rich businesses and organizations. Even better, it is completely online, making it a great option for working professionals wishing to enhance their skills in this critical area.  

Personalizing Your Program

If you want to use your quantitative talents to make a difference by solving important and challenging problems, this program could be right for you. You don’t have to have an undergraduate major in mathematics or statistics to succeed; this program is accessible to people from a wide variety of other undergraduate backgrounds as well, including economics, engineering, computer science, the physical sciences and many others. Of course, a certain level of background is necessary. Additional information, including admissions criteria, course descriptions, topic lists, program plans of study and cost to attend is available on our website.

All courses in the Data Science Certificate are available online. As with all our other online instruction, the courses will be taught by the same great instructors who teach them on the SDSU campus!

Program Structure

The SDSU Certificate in Data Science is an online program consisting of four 3-credit, online classes:

  • STAT 541 Statistical Methods II (fall, spring and summer)
  • STAT 700 Statistical Programming (summer)
  • STAT 701 Modern Applied Statistics I (fall)
  • STAT 702 Modern Applied Statistics II (spring)

Relation to the M.S. in Data Science Program

For those who want to develop additional data science expertise, the Certificate program flows naturally into the M.S. in Data Science program. STAT 700, 701 and 702 are the core courses in the M.S. in Data Science, meaning that those who complete the certificate already have a good start on getting their Masters Degree!

Program Contact

Dr. Rong Fan
Lecturer, Mathematics and Statistics
Phone: 605-688-6196

Continuing and Distance Education

Phone: 605-688-4154

SDSU Graduate Admissions

Phone: 605-688-4181