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Danielle Germain

Danielle Germain



Why did you choose online education?

GPIDEA offers one of the most comprehensive Master's programs out there and it works with my hectic schedule. Within the past few years I have traveled overseas numerous times for my job, gotten married, purchased a home and I am expecting my first child in March 2014, all the while I was still able to pursue my dream of obtaining my Master's degree because of the flexibility that the online master's in merchandising program offers. 

What interests you about your major?

The courses that are required within the Masters of merchandising program are 100 percent relevant to my job within the fashion industry. Also, since I work within the footwear sector of the industry, I am able to focus my studies (research papers, literature reviews, and thesis) on the footwear specifically and further my knowledge of the current trends within this area.  

What has been your most interesting class? What about it did you enjoy?

I really enjoyed product design, development and evaluation. You are encouraged to use your creativity and to design a new product. Then you essentially launch that product and prove that it deserves a spot in the marketplace.  

How have the faculty and staff enhanced your experience?

The professors are always available to answer questions and provide an enormous amount of support throughout each semester. They really make each student feel like they can reach out at any time and ask questions.  

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

10 years from now I hope to be in a leadership position within the footwear industry and I know that acquiring my master's degree in merchandising through the GPIDEA is going to help me get there. 

What piece of advice would you give new online students?

On-line courses are not as scary as they might seem, it's okay to reach out to your professor if you feel confused or if you have a question. Also, the flexibility of studying on-line is unparalleled; I would encourage every student to try it for at least one course.




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