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Chemistry - Chemical Education Specialization (M.S.)

Learning is about discovery—through experience, research and discussion.

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Educating children and young adults means creating productive classroom spaces for such discovery. The Master's in Chemistry - Chemical Education provides accessible graduate level coursework to enhance your content knowledge and equips you to offer more substantial and memorable learning experiences in your classroom. Designed for in-service science teachers with a valid teacher’s license, this program requires 32 graduate level credits. 22 of those credits are offered via online distance-learning. The last ten credits are to be completed through two consecutive summer programs at the SDSU campus in Brookings, SD.

Personalizing your program.

After taking CHEM 770-775 online, you will have engaged in chemistry content which align with high school AP curriculum concepts. CHEM 778 is another online course engaged in alternative teaching strategies to enhance overall classroom experiences for diverse kinds of learners.

CHEM 776 takes place in the summer on campus and offers the chance to work with SDSU chemistry and biochemistry faculty, developing laboratory activities for your classroom. CHEM 777 helps you learn research strategies in the classroom to collect, analyze and report data obtained from the classroom. CHEM 788 is the capstone course (online and on campus) to the program during which an actual research project is conducted. The paper written as a result is defended during an oral exam.

Paving the Master's Road

Online Courses

  • Atomic Theory and Bonding - CHEM 770
  • Intermolecular Interactions and Phases of Matter - CHEM 771
  • Thermodynamics - CHEM 772
  • Equilibria and Acid-Base Chemistry - CHEM 773
  • Kinetics, Nuclear and Electrochemistry - CHEM 774
  • Organic and Biochemistry - CHEM 775
  • Chemistry Teaching Strategies - CHEM 778
  • Problem-based Classroom Application* - CHEM 788

First Summer (Two Weeks)

  • Laboratory Development - CHEM 776 Action Research in the Secondary Classroom - CHEM 777

Second Summer (Two Weeks)

  • Laboratory Development - CHEM 776 Problem-Based Classroom Application* - CHEM 788

*This course must be taken once online and once on campus.

Professional Licensure and Certification

Professional licensure and certification information

Questions regarding Professional Licensure and Certification can also be directed to Continuing and Distance Education.

Program Contact

Dr. Matt Miller
Phone: 605-688-6274

SDSU Continuing and Distance Education

Phone: 605-688-4154

SDSU Graduate Admissions

Phone: 605-688-4181