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Certificate in Native Community and Economic Development

Graduate Certificate

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This certificate is designed for professionals interested in expanding their skills and understanding of indigenous peoples and economic development, as ;well as those with an interest in working with Native and indigenous communities. Today, students taking these courses are often have career or are seeking employment in Native-serving organizations, as well as agencies who have extended their programming to indigenous communities and neighborhoods.

Programs in extension, education and social service agencies have recognized the unique challenges in indigenous communities and, therefore, have developed specific approaches for their programs to be successful in Indian Country, in the United States and other countries, which has created a growing need for a workforce cognizant of these unique challenges. Changes in government policies, strengthening of tribal governments and entities and increases in private funding have expanded these opportunities. While cultural competencies are clearly required for those who want to work in these programs, specific knowledge related to history, national policy toward indigenous nations, sovereignty and the economic and social factors that uniquely impact program delivery in Indian Country is also required. Students who develop this knowledge and build skills in cultural competency will be more successful in acquiring these positions and in implementing programs.

The classes provide an opportunity to learn from the experiences of others engaged in this work and to build, or expand, student networks and contacts. This certificate will provide access to graduate credentials for those working in these primarily isolated communities in a subject matter of interest, with information they can use.
Requirements for the Certificate in Native Communities and Economic Development

  • CD 613: Introduction to Native Community Development: 3 credits
  • CD 624: Building Native Community in Economic Capacity: 3 credits
  • CD 634: Native American Natural Resource Management: 3 credits
  • Elective: 3 credits
  • Total Credit Hours Required: 12

Program Contact

Department Head Sociology and Rural Studies
Phone: 605-688-4889

SDSU GPIDEA Coordinator

Aimee Maher
Phone: 605-688-4154

SDSU Continuing and Distance Education

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SDSU Graduate Admissions

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