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Certificate in Animal Science

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The Animal Science certificate provides you with specialized training in the field, all through the accessible format of online learning. Study under SDSU’s leading animal science faculty and benefit from their unique experiences and qualifications in the animal science discipline.

Animal Science is a 12-credit graduate certificate program designed to provide rigorous instruction for those who wish to continue their training in the management and care of animals as well as the processing of animal products. Your studies will cover an advanced understanding of meat science, genetic selection, physiology of reproduction as well as nutrition for either ruminant or monogastric animals.

This program is offered by SDSU through AG*IDEA, an affiliate of the Great Plains IDEA. AG*IDEA courses are taught by experienced faculty members in agriculture disciplines.

Yes, The Animal Science Certificate Is For You!


Offer your students a more robust understanding of livestock production practices and the possibilities available to them in the biological sciences.

Extension Agents

Take your application of scientific research and knowledge to a more detailed and nuanced level as you equip ranchers, farmers and production specialists to take their work to the next level.

Animal Production Specialists

Adopt a more comprehensive and integrated approach to your work, providing a specialized perspective for herd selection, nutrition and reproduction and learn to consider factors affecting the quality of a product.

Feed Specialists

Bring a highly specific understanding of animal physiology and anatomy to your work in identifying, selling and creating suitable feed for various herds and kinds of livestock.

Pharmaceutical Researchers

Account for differences between species and herds both pre- and post- production as you examine indicators of healthy growth, and consider ways for improving the quality of the quality of the quality of meat.

Providing access to the best opportunities.

Great Plains IDEA Partnership

This program is offered through SDSU's partnership with the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (GPIDEA). Collaborative, multi-institutional online programs expand and diversify your educational opportunities. Courses led by instructors from partner universities and interactions with geographically-dispersed students will broaden your perceptions and knowledge. Learn more about GPIDEA

Program Contact

Joe Cassady
College of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences
Phone: 605-688-5165

SDSU GPIDEA Coordinator

Aimee Maher
Phone: 605-688-4154

SDSU Continuing and Distance Education

Phone: 605-688-4154

SDSU Graduate Admissions

Phone: 605-688-4181