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Agricultural Education (M.S.)

Preparing agricultural educators

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Preparing agricultural educators to critically evaluate curricular content, programmatic effectiveness and community needs to deliver culturally responsible and environmentally sound formal and informal instruction in the global agriculture, food, fiber and natural-resource systems.

SDSU’s multidisciplinary Master’s in Agricultural Education online graduate program prepares students for the career paths of their choosing:

  • Agricultural Education (both formal and informal)
  • Post-secondary Education
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Leadership in the Broader Agriculture Industry

Ready to take your agriculture profession to the next level? Cultivate a career through the Department of Teaching, Learning and Leadership’s preparation and knowledge-expanding online courses, from educational research and psychology to curriculum and teaching theory.

Wherever you live, you can earn a master’s degree from SDSU

The graduate program has been developed through interdisciplinary collaboration between College of Education and Human Science and College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences.

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The Complete Master's Experience

Core Requirements --- for Option A/B/C

EDER 610 - Introduction to Research Credits: 3

AGED 650 - Foundations of Agricultural Education Credits: 3

EDER 614 - Advanced Educational Research Design & Analysis: 3

EDFN 600 - Advanced Pedagogy: 3

EPSY 740 - Advanced Educational Psychology Credits: 3

Select one of the following options:

Option A

AGED 798 - Thesis

Credits: 1-7 (5-7 credits required) Electives: 8-10

Option B

AGED 788 - Research Problems in Agricultural Education

Credits: 1-2 (3 credits required) Electives: 14

Option C

Electives: 21

Total Credits: 30 (Option A), 32 (Option B), 36 (Option C)

Applications are accepted year-round, with all admittance being for the summer-term start date.

Need more Information?

The Agricultural Education faculty is here to help. Interested in a Bachelor's degree? The B.S. Agricultural Education, Communication and Leadership program is offered on campus at SDSU. 

Professional Certification/Licensure

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Questions regarding Professional Certification/Licensure can also be directed to Continuing and Distance Education .


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