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Academic Advising

SDSU is committed to providing you the support and resources needed in pursuing your academic goals and we have expert academic advisors to assist you on this journey. Academic advising is completed through the college in which your degree program falls. You can also view degree requirements, South Dakota Board of Regents' requirements, institutional requirements, and academic policies through the SDSU Online Catalog.

Contact information for fully online programs through SDState Online are noted below. If your major is not fully online and not listed below, please contact the academic department or college dean’s office or an enrollment liaison to visit with an adviser.

Online Undergraduate Degrees

Agricultural Science (A.S.)Mary Christensen605-688-5133
Construction Technology (A.S.)Norma Nusz605-688-4926
Data Science (A.S.)Kurt Cogswell605-688-6196
General Studies (A.A.)Randi Anderson605-688-5191
Sociology (A.S.)Carter Huber605-688-6296
General Studies (B.G.S.)Mercedes Schievelbein605-367-8402
Geographic Information Services (B.S.)Bob Watrel605-688-6288
Geography (B.S./B.A.)Bob Watrel605-688-6288
Human Development and Family Studies (A.S.)Carla Anderson605-688-6145
Human Development and Family Studies (B.S.)Carla Anderson605-688-6145
Interdisciplinary Studies (B.S.)Randi Anderson605-688-5191
Medical Laboratory Sciences (RN to B.S.N)Stacie Lansink605-688-5855
Nursing (RN to B.S.N.)Camilla Veire605-367-8400
Psychology (B.S.)Carter Huber605-688-6296
Sociology (B.S.)Carter Huber605-688-6296

Online Graduate Degrees

Agricultural Education (M.S.)Laura Hasselquist605-688-6418
Chemistry - Chemical Education (M.S.)Matt Miller605-688-6274
Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.)Patrick Hales605-688-5039
Dietetics (M.S.)Elizabeth Droke605-688-5150
Educational Administration (M.Ed.)Patrick Hales605-688-5039
Engineering (M. Eng.)Syed Ahmed605-688-6417
English (M.A.)Paul Baggett605-688-5191
Human Sciences – Developmental Sciences (M.S.)Aileen Garcia605-688-4321
Human Sciences - Family & Community Services (M.S.)Ann Michelle Daniels605-688-4190
Human Sciences - Family & Consumer Sciences Education (M.S.)Nicole Graves605-688-6484
Human Sciences - Family Financial Planning (M.S.)Kathryn Morrison605-688-5932
Interdisciplinary Studies (M.S.)Jason McEntee605-688-5191
Mass Communication (M.M.C.)Marina Hendricks605-688-4171
Nursing (M.S.)Cami Veire605-367-5636
Nursing (D.N.P.)Cami Veire605-367-5636 
Operations Management (M.S.)Ekaterina Koromyslova605-688-6417
Public Health (M.P.H.)Sharrel Pinto605-274-9548
Sociology - Community Development (M.S.)Paul Markel605-688-4322

Online Certificate Programs

Advanced Graduate MathematicsKurt Cogswell605-688-6196
Agricultural & Environmental Law (UG)Nicole Klein605-688-4847
Animal Science (GR)Michael Gonda605-688-5442
Community Development (GR)Paul Markel605-688-4322
Data Science (GR)Kurt Cogswell605-688-6196
Family Financial Planning (GR)Kathryn Morrison605-688-5932
Financial Counseling (GR)Kathryn Morrison605-688-5932
Geographic Information Sciences (UG)Robert (Bob) Watrel605-688-6288
Graduate Mathematics (GR)Kurt Cogswell605-688-6196
Grassland Management (GR)Michele Dudash605-688-6121
Management Foundations (GR)Ekaterina Koromyslova605-688-6417
Native Communities and Economic Development (GR)Paul Markel605-688-4322
New Product and Venture Development (UG)Barb Heller605-688-6522
Phlebotomy (UG)Stacie Lansink605-688-5855
Post-Graduate Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse PractitionerCami Veire605-367-5636
Post-Graduate Clinical Nurse LeaderCami Veire605-367-5636
Post-Graduate Nurse EducatorCami Veire605-367-5636
Pre-Construction Planning (UG)Syed Ahmed605-688-6417
Public Health (GR)Sharrel Pinto605-274-9548
Swine Science (UG)Bob Thaler605-688-5435
Workplace Intercultural Competence (UG)José Álvarez605-688-5101