About CDE

About Continuing & Distance Education

The Office of Continuing & Distance Education is the center for online learning. South Dakota State University offers online undergraduate and graduate degrees, certificate programs, professional development opportunities, conferences and workshops. Our services expand the University's reach to a diverse community of online students

Forging paths into unexplored territories of distance education requires dedication, strategy and planning. What keeps us grounded are our vision and values, reminding us what we are all working so hard to achieve.

Our core values.

  • Excellence in learning, discovery and engagement
  • Transparency in decision-making and information-sharing
  • Integrity, professionalism and responsibility
  • Passion for innovation and advancement

Our mission statement.

CDE expands the reach of the University by facilitating the delivery of high-quality credit and non-credit educational programming to a diverse community of distance learners so as to build human capital and foster knowledge-based economic development.

Our vision for progress.

CDE will be an innovative, relevant and responsive office that will harness the potential of alternative delivery methods and student support models to meet the needs of an ever-changing global marketplace.


  • Goal 1. Increase the number of online degree programs offered.
  • Goal 2. Increase the number of degree programs offered at the attendance centers.
  • Goal 3. Enhance the level of support services for off-campus students.
  • Goal 4. Engage with a diverse community of learners to enhance human capital and foster economic development

People to depend on.

Dynamic, energetic and friendly. The CDE staff is dedicated to building quality educational and engagement opportunities while maintaining excellent support for our students.
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