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For our Alumni

The Department of Consumer Sciences emerged in July 2010 as the result of a restructuring of the College of Education & Human Sciences (new in 2009). Hospitality Management came from the former Department of Nutrition, Food Science, and Hospitality; Aviation moved from the former College of Education and Counseling; two leadership minors (LEAD and LMNO moved in from the former College of General Studies (LEAD) and the former Department of Human Development (LMNO). These programs joined programs in the former Department of Design Merchandising and Consumer Sciences, with programs in Apparel Merchandising and Consumer Affairs, and SDSU Extension programming in Personal and Family Finance and Community Development.

Faculty and staff from these diverse programs teamed up to provide educational experiences for students that help them to develop into future business professionals and community leaders.

We are grateful to our donors and friends for their generosity in providing scholarships, practicum and internship opportunities, and other forms of support.