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Frequently Asked Questions

What majors are offered in the Department of Consumer Sciences?

The Department of Consumer Sciences is home to 5 diverse undergraduate majors that all work to develop community leaders and business professionals:

What courses are required majors offered in the Department of Consumer Sciences?

Program guide sheets affiliated with each undergraduate major can be found on webpages for each major. Please click on your major (above) to link to those pages.

Why is there a department core?

While programs in the Department of Consumer Sciences are quite diverse, faculty agree that we are all educating students to be business leaders and professionals. These courses help to develop those skills among our students.

What courses are required for all students in the Department of Consumer Sciences?

The Department of Consumer Sciences requires all majors to take 7-8 credits within the department core. These courses include:

  • LEAD 210 Foundations of Leadership (3cr) or CS 230 Consumer Behavior (3cr) or CS 282 Customer Service (2cr)
  • CS 377 Professional Documents (1cr)
  • CS 381 Professional Behavior at Work or CS 430 Consumer Decision-Making (3cr) or LEAD 435 Organizational Leadership and Team Development (3cr)

Check your program guide sheet and your advisor for specific requirements in each major program.

What minors are available in the Department of Consumer Sciences?

Three minors are offered through the department:

If my major requires a practicum or internship, how do I find one?

Students will be provided guidance from faculty while enrolled in courses leading up to the practicum or internship. In most cases, student will search for and secure an internship or practicum site on their own, with some input from faculty.

What laptop computer is required in the program, and how do I get one?

SDSU Aviation highly encourages all incoming students to purchase at least a 16GB Apple iPad 2 or 3 with 3G or 4G capability, or an external GPS receiver for use both in the academic classroom and in the flight courses. The SDSU Bookstore located in the Student Union sells iPads. For more information please visit Apple's website. SDSU does have adequate computers for students to use located throughout campus; however many students find it helpful to purchase a personal computer. All SDSU Aviation academic courses and flight courses utilize web based applications and programs.