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Family and Personal Finance

SDSU Extension programming in Family and Personal Finance

  • Money management skills
  • Budgeting to meet personal and family needs
  • Saving and investing for the future
  • Credit education
  • Insurance against financial risks
  • Consumer buying skills
  • Retirement and estate planning
  • Protection of products and services from theft or fraudulent use

Family and Personal Finance focuses on tools and principles of personal financial management. Financial management is an on-going process that requires gaining new knowledge throughout the life cycle.

Special Programming Emphases

Money Wi$e at the Worksite is a worksite financial wellness program that focuses on improving employee financial wellness. The outcome of the program is reducing financial stress to increase employee productivity.

College Student Financial Wellness is a program that utilizes CashCourse to develop financial knowledge and behavior of college students. CashCourse is a free, online personal finance resource designed specifically for college students. The program equips students with information that helps them make informed financial decisions.

Youth personal finance programming is conducted in collaboration with 4-H Youth Advisors across the state. A variety of curricula is used to empower youth to develop their financial knowledge and skills.


Are you interested in investing but unsure if you would like the risks associated with more aggressive investments? Are you interested in learning more about the relationship between your financial behaviors and your physical health behaviors? Are you experiencing financial stress? If so, please take one or more of our surveys by clicking on the button below.

Financial Well-Being Surveys