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For our Parents

We often hear concerns about whether the construction or manufacturing industry is a good career track for students. While this may be an issue in some areas of the country, post-graduation placement opportunities in the Midwest region are very good. We know that the quality of our programs combined with our strong relationships with regional industry combined with a well prepared student population creates a positive environment for placement.

Demand for construction management, electronics engineering technology, and operations management majors continues to grow.  The number of companies recruiting interns and entry-level employees at the college Career Fair has grown significantly. This growth over the past two years is one indicator of the strength of the job market in the Midwest.  Our placement rates range from 93 - 100% over the past 4 semesters: the result of collaborative efforts between faculty, industry, and proactive students taking advantage of career opportunities. 

Our faculty are professional, approachable, and able to help students make informed course and career decisions. Every faculty member has relevant industrial experience prior to being hired to teach in our programs – it’s a professional experiential requirement for faculty in the COM department. Likewise, many of our faculty work on industry projects during the summer and academic year to keep their skills up to date and learn about new technology and processes. 

We believe the best way to build an economically viable future for our state, region, and nation is to prepare the next generation for the challenges they will face. Your son or daughter will have the opportunity to develop those skills here at SDSU.