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MSOM Program Layout

Core (required courses)

OM 569 Project Management 2-3 cr.
OM 660 Operations Management
GE  685 Management & Leadership in Technical Organizations 3 cr.
OM 690 Operations Management Seminar 1 cr.

Supporting Courses (select 1 course from each topic area)


CHRD 716 Human Resource Management
CSC   740 Management Information Systems
GE     603 Designing the Workplace for Production
OM    563 Supply Chain Management
or approved elective


OM   650 Manufacturing Systems Management
ME   761 Operations Research
ME   765 Systems Analysis
ME   763 Topics in Reliability Engineering
or approved elective


OM/ME    677 Decision Theory
STAT 541 Statistical Methods II
or approved elective

Electives - 12-13 credits


Option A (Thesis)  5-7 cr.
GE 798 Thesis 3-4 cr.

Option B (Research Problem)
GE 788 Research Project / Design Paper 2-3 cr.
Electives 5-6 cr.

Option C (Coursework)
Electives 10-11 cr.