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Yeager Media Center and Experiential Learning

students using video equipment to film other students
Students using video equipment in the Yeager Media Center to film other students sitting in front of the green screen

If you are interested in video production, broadcasting, or graphics and animation the Yeager Media Center an experiential learning might be for you.

The Yeager Media Center functions as a complete video production service and broadcast studio, with multiple HD cameras, a Full Green CYC (Green Screen), and full line of audio video support equipment. It has a team broadcast directors, producers, videographers, and editors that can bring all the different elements of your video together.

 “The Yeager Media Center works with the SDSU campus community, but also as a self-sustaining unit, they work with government agencies, nonprofits and businesses within the region. In addition, faculty use the studio as a lab facility,” said Bruce Anderson, client relations and multimedia associate for the Yeager Media Center. On average, they work with seven external clients or organizations per year.

Experiential learning is a big part of the media center, since it has everything a real news room would have. Students gain hands on experience operating the same equipment that they would find at their future job.

The School of Communication and Journalism oversees the Yeager Media Center. The Yeager Media Center has been around since 2012 and is located on the second floor of Yeager Hall where the old photography dark rooms were located.

The goal of the Yeager Media Center is to help students accomplish their organization’s objectives creatively, flexibly, and efficiently. They do this by offering the following services; full concept development, project management and production coordination, graphic design, and video production. Video production includes; shooting in-studio or on-location, music and sound effects, talent and narration services, graphics and animation, digital recording and editing, encoding for the web or DVD, duplication services, and language translation and captioning.

With flexible scheduling, they can work around your busy schedule and find a time that works for you. The Yeager Media Center allow you to have total creative control over your project or if you would like they can help bring your ideas together.

For more information on how the Yeager Media Center can help you or to set up an appointment email To see some of the work the media center has done follow this link, , and click “case studies”.

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