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SDSU Journalism Club

Journalism Club members on their trip to StarTribune. Photo by Laura Butterbrodt.
Journalism Club members on their trip to StarTribune. Photo by Laura Butterbrodt.

South Dakota State Journalisms club’s motto is to educate students interested in the field by providing networking opportunities and experience. Journalism Club is a great opportunity for students in the fields of journalism, advertising, public relations, and any other majors to network with professionals while learning more about different writing skills. The Journalism Club has a long history here at South Dakota State.

This year the Journalism Club has around 20 active members. The Club meets every other Wednesday at 5 p.m. in the Dakota Conference room. During their meetings they will listen to guest speakers from all over, talking about their job, how they got where they are today, while also giving the kids advice on how to make them marketable for employers. When talking with the President of the Journalism Club, Laura Butterbrodt, about why she joined the club she stated, “My favorite thing about the Journalism Club is when we go on media tours because it help prepare me for what newsrooms in the real world look like and it has created a lot of little sparks of ideas of what I might want to do after I graduate.”

This March, the club is headed on another big trip, destination Chicago.  While they are there, they hope to visit The Chicago Tribune, a local radio station, WGN-TV, and a public relations firm. Along with learning more about each company and its interworking, the students will have a chance to network with current professionals in their desired field.

The Club has done and will continue to do fundraisers throughout the year to try and raise as much money as they can for the trip. They have assisted with bingo at the VFW, a bake sale at UPC, open mic night and much more.    

The Journalism Club last year traveled to Minneapolis to the StarTribune, WCCO Radio station, and Kare 11 TV.  In years past they have traveled to Washington, D.C., where they toured The Washington Post, ABC, news outlet in Washington, and National Geographic.

If you like traveling, exploring different business, writing and networking with others, the Journalism Club is for you.

For more information on the trip or Journalism club contact Instructor James Helland at or President Laura Butterbrodt at





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