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How can Club Involvement Improve a Students Experience

Club meeting schedule with advisor emails.
Club Meeting Schedule

Becoming involved in the SDSU clubs on campus may seem like a waste of time, but it can actually be the kickstart needed on a path of many possibilities. 

Journalism Club Vice President, Gabriella Premus, said, “I joined because I wanted to get more involved within the major, and I saw opportunities to network and do more with the school in journalism club.”

Journalism Club President, Laura Butterbrodt, said, “I joined the Journalism Club when I was a freshman because I wanted to make friends and meet people who I had something in common with. It was a really great way for me to learn about what was going on in our department and to get more involved with career-related opportunities like going to conferences and panel discussions.”

These students, along with many others, used clubs as the gateway to help with future endeavors. Clubs on campus can build one’s skillset, demonstrate time management, can lead to new friendships and networking opportunity, and can increase marketability. Being involved is what can set someone apart when in search for jobs after college. 

Bailey Possail, Advertising Club secretary, said, “It is vital to get involved and get to know those around you including your peers and professors. After attending my first meeting, I realized that the Advertising Club offered me extra learning outside of the classroom and advice from elder peers.”

The clubs in the School of Communication and Journalism offer many opportunities for the students. Students and professors promote the clubs by letting students know when they meet. Attending the meetings falls upon the students. 

Brianna Schreurs, the vice president of the Advertising Club, said, “I really believe SDSU students aren't getting involved like they did in the past. With students coming in with college credits under their belts and big career goals in mind, college isn't relished as much and just seen as another thing that takes up more time to keep them away from being in the real world. That kind of sucks. Students, no matter what major, should engage and join at least one club.”

Schreurs may be very right about that one, according to other students who have found activities to fill their schedules.

John Begeman, a student majoring in communications, is not involved in clubs. He said, “The clubs were not pushed towards me and I didn’t even know they existed until I was in my second year here.” Begeman is graduating in three years because he had college credit before getting to campus. He is now on his final year and he said, “I would rather get real experience through jobs, rather than sitting around at clubs talking about it.” Begeman is involved with Admissions, Oasis, InterVarsity, Prairie Doc, write on sports for the Collegian and a Daktronics Event Supporter.

For more information or if interested in joining clubs contact the club advisors: Journalism Club: Jim Helland, PRSSA Club: Marina Hendricks, and Advertising Club: Roxanne Lucchesi. 

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