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Have you ever wondered how to enhance your food photography skills? South Dakota State University’s Advertising Club held an event to help students build their skills in this area, as well as network with other students with similar interests.

 SDSU’s Advertising Club held the first ever “Enhance Your Grid” photography lesson taught by Frank Robertson on Thursday Nov 8th, 2018. The event was open to all students and allowed them to build their photography and social media skills.

“We hope students will leave the meeting with a better understanding of social media photography and engaging with brands via social media,” said Jordan Otto, the SDSU Advertising Club president.

Robertson helped students to become better social media photographers using both phones and regular cameras. Robertson says photography is extremely important on social media today and is an important factor in getting more people engaged. Robertson hopes to teach students to “be deliberate in making a photograph.”

 “The world is full of people taking photographs — just pointing and clicking. Being a better photographer means that you're making, not just taking, photographs,” Robertson said.

Students had the opportunity to photograph food from Taco Johns, Papa Johns, and other pizza brands. After the photography lesson, attendees had the opportunity to eat the food they photographed.

Robertson’s top three photography tips from students include:

  • Knowing your tools
  • You can make great photos with a professional camera or an iPhone
  • Enroll in MCOM 265 Basic Photography

In order to become consistently better at photography, you need to know how to use your tools. Get familiar with your camera and know how to use it. You can take good photos with an iPhone or a professional camera as long you know who to utilize them. Also, if you would like to further your photography skills, MCOM 265 Basic Photography is taught by Frank Robertson and gives students a basic understanding of photography. 

“Ultimately we do these things to improve connections, confidence, and real world experience to give you an extra edge to your major and career by bringing in speakers and doing events like this,” said the SDSU Advertising Club Vice President, Brianna Schreurs.

SDSU Advertising club hosts multiple speakers throughout the year to allow for networking opportunities as well as going on trips such as attending the SDAF Student Day in Sioux Falls recently. SDSU’s Advertising Club student leaders include Jordan Otto, president; Brianna Schruers, vice president; and Bailey Possail, secretary, as well as advisor Roxanne Lucchesi. The Advertising Club is part of a larger national organization called American Advertising Federation.


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