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J. Lohr Structures Laboratory

"Lohr Lab with Students"

The Lohr Structures Laboratory (LSL) is located in Crothers Engineering Hall on the Campus of South Dakota State University (SDSU). Covering an area of 4000 ft2, LSL is a high-bay/strong-floor structural testing facility that is configured to accommodate large-and full-scale test specimens. Engineering faculty members at SDSU utilize LSL for research, teaching, and outreach activities in the field of structural engineering.

The laboratory’s main floor space is 39-ft wide, 90-ft long, and 28-ft high. The strong floor extends over 34-ft wide and 84-ft long area of the lab floor and is fitted with a matrix of embedded floor anchors spaced at 1-ft intervals. The laboratory is equipped with a 15-ton overhead traveling bridge crane. A 12-ft wide by 20-ft high roll-up access door allows for entry of large trucks.

The laboratory is equipped with the following:

  • One large capacity MTS hydraulic actuator: 326 kip Compression/216 kip Tension; ±15″ Stroke; Static/Low Cycle Fatigue Loading
  • One medium capacity MTS hydraulic actuator: 146 kip Compression/100 kip Tension; ±10″ Stroke; Static/Low Cycle Fatigue Loading
  • Two low capacity MTS hydraulic actuators: 22 kip Tension/Compression; ±5″ Stroke; Static/Dynamic Loading
  • Reaction steel frame: rated at 250 kips vertical load at 0.14″ deflection/150 kips lateral load at 10′ above floor
  • Reaction steel frame rated at 80 kips vertical load.
  • MTS universal testing machine rated at 55 kips, static/dynamic loading
  • MTS universal testing machine rated at 135 kips, static monotonic/cyclic loading
  • Two 100-ton hollow plunger cylinders: 10″ Stroke; available with 1″ and 1⅜″ diameter post-tensioning bars
  • 128-channel Vishay data acquisition system
  • 72-channel Megadac data acquisition system
  • Sensors (LVDTs, Load Cells), tools, accessories, etc.

The main function of LSL is to support experimental research in structural engineering. In addition to meeting

the research needs, LSL provides testing services to local and regional industries.

Research projects that have been performed at LSL include a variety of full- and large-scale specimens of bridge girders and components, composite floors and beams, structural walls, and industrial products.

LSL offers graduate and undergraduate students who work in the lab a rich learning environment and invaluable hands-on experience in structural engineering.


Watch these short videos of large-scale testing being performed at the Lohr Structures Lab.


"Lohr Structures Lab"
"Materials Testing System"