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Faculty and Staff

There are 68 great Chinese faculties and staff, including professors, researchers, instructors and Post Docs, teaching and researching in 21 departments of SDState. They all help and support the CSSA in many kinds. 

(* from Taiwan)

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

  • Agronomy, Horticulture and Plant Science
NameTitleOfficeOther Links
Xingyou Gu        ProfessorSNP 248B   
Liming LaiRes. AssistantSNP 288 
Qin MaAssistant ProfessorSNP 254DBMBL
Jixiang WuAssociate ProfessorSNP 244D 
Yeyan QiuPost DocSNP 244 
  • Animal Science
NameTitleOfficeOther Links
Zhongde Wang  Volunteer Faculty     SAS 101      
  • Dairy and Food Science
NameTitleOfficeOther Links
Chunyang Wang  Professor              SAG 106 
Shouyun ChengPost DocSDS 136      
  • Natural Resource Management
NameTitleOfficeOther Links
Lan Xu                 Professor              SNP 139B    
  • Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
NameTitleOfficeOther Links
Fan Qin     Senior MicrobiologistSAR 147   
Huajian ZhaoPost DocSAR 105 

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Architecture
NameTitleOfficeOther Links
Fang XuInstructorAME 364 
  • Economics
NameTitleOfficeOther Links
Hailong JinAssistant ProfessorSDP D2 
Pei-Yu Sun*Assistant ProfessorSDP B4 
Tong WangAssistant ProfessorSDP D4 
Zhiguang WangAssistant ProfessorSDP C6 
  • Music
NameTitleOfficeOther Links
Yiqun ChenInstructorSLM 210 
  • Sociology and Rural Studies
NameTitleOfficeOther Links
Weiwei ZhangAssistant ProfessorSHN 009D 
Jia YouProgram AssistantSHN 004 

College of Education and Human Sciences

  • Consumer Sciences
NameTitleOfficeOther Links
Xu LiAssistant ProfessorSWN 431 
  • Health and Nutritional Sciences
NameTitleOfficeOther Links
Hung-Ling Liu*Assistant ProfessorSIM 116 

College of Natural Sciences

  • Biology and Microbiology
NameTitleOfficeOther Links
Liping GuRes. ScientistSNP 047D 
Feng LiProfessorSAW 168DDr. Li's lab
Dan WangAssistant ProfessorSDS 225CDr. Wang's lab
Xiuqing WangProfessorSNP 252DDr. Wang's lab
Yajun WuAssociate ProfessorSNP 252ADr. Wu's lab
Yang YenProfessorSNP 249CDr. Yen's lab
Ruanbao ZhouProfessorSNP 249ADr. Zhou's lab
Yanhang ZhangTemporary EmployeeSNP 228 
Lu HuangPost DocSDS 228 
Wanlong LiAssociate ProfessorSNP 251CDr. Li's lab
Shin-Yi Marzano*Assistant ProfessorSNP 244BDr. Marzano's lab
Lei HuaRes. AssistantSNP 251CDr. Li's lab
Mao-Lun Weng*Post DocSNP 204Homepage
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry
NameTitleOfficeOther Links
Cheng ZhangAssistant ProfessorSAV 377 
Jihong Cole-DaiProfessorSAV 242Faculty Profile
Rui LiLab StorekeeperSAV 037 
Tao LinRes. AssociateSAV 306 
Zhiling ZhangRes. AssistantSAV 206 
  • Geography
NameTitleOfficeOther Links
Xiaoyang ZhangAssociate ProfessorSWC 115Google Scholar
Dapeng LiAssistant ProfessorSWC 109Homepage
Haiyan HuangPost DocSWC 115 
Lingling LiuPost DocSWC 
Zhongbin LiPost DocSWC 221Google Scholar
Lin YanRes. Assistant ProfessorSWC 203Profile
Hankui ZhangRes. Assistant ProfessorSWC 115Google Scholar

College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions

  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
NameTitleOfficeOther Links
Xiangming GuanProfessorSAV 271 
Wenfeng AnAssociate ProfessorSAV 253Dr. An's lab
Ping YeAdj. Associate ProfessorSAV 165 

Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering

  • Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
NameTitleOfficeOther Links
Zhengrong GuAssociate ProfessorSAE 221ResearchGate
Lin WeiAssistant ProfessorSAE 219Dr. Lin's lab
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
NameTitleOfficeOther Links
Guanghui HuaAssistant ProfessorSCEH 116Google Scholar
  • Construction and Operations Management
NameTitleOfficeOther Links
Huitian LuProfessorSSO 311 
Yilei HuangAssistant ProfessorSSO 202B 
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
NameTitleOfficeOther Links
Hui QiaoPost DocSDEH 214 
Qiquan QiaoProfessorSDEH 219Dr. Qiao's lab
Songxin TanAssociate ProfessorSDEH 225 
Yi LiuAssociate ProfessorSDEH 119 
Yue ZhouAssistant ProfessorSDEH 229 
Zhen NiAssistant ProfessorSDEH 223Dr. Ni's lab
  • Mathematics and Statistics
NameTitleOfficeOther Links
Jianli QiRes. AssistantSHH 211 
Rong FanInstructorAME  
Xijin GeAssociate ProfessorAME 258Dr. Ge's lab
Zheng HaoLecturerAME 209 
  • Mechanical Engineering
NameTitleOfficeOther Links
Zhong HuProfessorSCEH 222ResearchGate


NameTitleOfficeOther Links
Shouhong ZhangManagerSPC 102 
Fei XuAssistant ProfessorSBL