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Lab Members

Current Members

Darci Fink

Primary Investigator, Ph.D.

Delayna Paulson

Ph.D. candidate

Ahana Majumder

Graduate student

Jacob Paulson

Picture of Jacob Paulson


Jacob Paulson is a lab technician from Yankton. He graduated from SDSU in 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in human biology and a minor in chemistry. Jacob was also a part of the anatomy dissection team, and was an intern for both anatomy and physiology labs. He is currently applying to medical school.

Luke Knutson

Picture of Luke Knutson

Luke Knutson is a lab technician from Mitchell. He graduated from SDSU in 2023 with a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and chemistry with a minor in biology. During his time at SDSU Luke was part of several clubs and was a member of the anatomy dissection team.

"I love being at the forefront of science. Working in the lab allows me to utilize my degree and continue learning."

Shannon Lasey

Undergraduate student

Taylor Schallenkamp

Picture of Taylor Schallenkamp

Taylor is an undergraduate student from Bridgewater and is majoring in human development and family studies. She loves people and is involved in various campus activities including intramurals, clubs and student organizations.

"I love working in the lab and learning new things through this amazing opportunity."

Nora Smestad

Undergraduate student

Previous Members

Mason Crow

Graduated SDSU, B.S. human biology

Zachary Budden

Graduated SDSU, B.S. human biology

William Brown

Graduated SDSU, B.S. human biology

Zachary Lehmann

Graduated SDSU, B.S. biochemistry and physics

Rebecca Harms

Graduated SDSU

Cody Ward

Graduated SDSU

Mackenzie Latterell

Graduated SDSU