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Lab Safety References

NFLP Panel
Health Hazard: 4=Deadly, 3=Extreme danger, 2=Hazardous, 1=Slightly hazardous, 0=Normal Material
Fire Hazard: Flash Point- 4=Below 73 F, 3=Below 100 F, 2=Below 200 F, 1=Above 200 F, 0=Will not burn
Specific Hazard: OX=Oxidizer, W(strikethrough)=Use no water, SA=Simple asphyxiant
Reactivity: 4=May detonate, 3=Shock and heat may detonate, 2=Violent chemical change, 1=Unstable if heated, 0=Stable

Below are general references for various hazards that are associated with the RAWC Lab: 

1. General Lab Safety Regulations 

2. Handling Pyrophorics 

3. Handling Peroxides