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Research and Science Articles

Integrated evidence-based extent of occurrence for North American bison (Bison bison) since 1500 CE and before

By Jeff M. Martin, Rachel A. Short, et al.

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The Potential of Bison Restoration as an Ecological Approach to Future Tribal Food Sovereignty on the Northern Great Plains

By Hila Shamon, ... Jeff M. Martin, ... et al. 

View Article at Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 

Vulnerability assessment of the multi-sector North American bison Bison bison management system to climate change

By Jeff. Martin, Jill Zaretsky, David D. Briske and Perry S. Barboza

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Low-Voltage Electrical Stimulation of Beef Carcasses Slows Carcass Chilling Rate and Improves Steak Color

By Christina Bakker, Keith Underwood, J. Kyle Grubbs and Amanda D. Blair
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Bison body size and climate change

By Jeff M. Martin, Jim I. Mead and Perry S. Barboza

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Influence of Grain- and Grass-Finishing Systems on Carcass Characteristics, Meat Quality, Nutritional Composition and Consumer Sensory Attributes of Bison

By Jessica Janssen, Kristi Cammack, Jerrad Legako, Ryan Cox, J. Kyle Grubbs, Keith Underwood, John Hansen, Carter Kruse and Amanda D. Blair

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The presence of persistent bovine viral diarrhea virus infection and a novel bosavirus in a bison herd

By Ben M. Hause, Julia F. Ridpath, Angela E. Pillatzki, Tom Bragg, Christopher Chase

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Complete Review of Bison Research

By Gerald Huntington

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Extension and Popular Science Articles

Are bison amenable or non-amenable? How does the definition of bison affect harvest systems and quality of meat and carcasses?

By Jeff M. Martin and Amanda D. Blair

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Does diet matter? Influence of bison finishing systems on composition and meat quality

By Amanda D. Blair, Jeff M. Martin and Jessica Janssen

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Bison Economics Tool

By Jeff M. Martin, Hector Menendez, Jameson Brennan

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Getting Started with Bison Ranching

By Jeff M. Martin and Chase Brooke

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