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Emergency Bison Field Necropsy Kits

Emergency Bison Field Necropsy Kits 

Herd of Bison facing you with snow capped mountains in the background.

The Center of Excellence for Bison Studies (BisonCOE) highly recommends that you prepare ahead by purchasing and stocking up on necropsy kits from Kansas State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (KSVDL). These kits are shelf stable for storage at room temperature. They have supplies and materials included to help you conduct a necropsy, under the supervision of your local veterinarian, on recently deceased bison. Please follow the link below to order from Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory:

Link to KSVDL Website

Upon completing the necropsy, the kits are to be shipped to KSVDL for analysis.

You will receive a new kit in the mail from KSVDL as a replacement so that you continue to have a kit on-hand and ready to go.

What comes in the kit?

Each KSVDL kit includes:

  • Insulated shipping box
  • Submission form and instructions (included instructions are made specifically for cattle because this is a service from KSVDL – but are applicable for bison also)
  • 2 – ice packs (to be frozen at your home until shipping of samples)
  • 1 – tube holder with EDTA and additive-free tubes
  • Quart and gallon baggies
  • Whirl-Pak baggies
  • 1 – jar of formalin
  • 2 – swabs
  • 2 – 50 l tubes

Additional resources:

In addition to the kits, you may also purchase a “Necropsy Field Guide” booklet developed by the National Bison Association (NBA) and authored by Drs. Dave Hunter, DVM; Todd Shury, DVM, PhD; and Murray Woodbury, DVM that walks you through how to conduct a field necropsy on bison. Please note that you should work with your local veterinarian on-site to conduct a necropsy. Order the Necropsy Field Guide through the National Bison Association: