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Workshop Series

Graduate Teaching Assistant Workshop Series

Students sitting in a classroom

The GTA Workshop Series is created each semester based on feedback and needs indicated by Graduate Teaching Assistants. Approximately five workshops are offered per semester.

All workshops will be presented in a dynamic manner that models effective teaching strategies and allows opportunities for application and reflection. Presenters will include CETL staff, as well as SDSU faculty and SDSU graduate teaching assistants who excel in their teaching roles. All presenters will be familiar with the role GTAs play at South Dakota State University. If you are not a GTA, but a graduate student interested in teaching, you are welcome to attend!

Fall 2020 GTA Programming

All sessions are offered via Zoom.

“What’s Up?”

CETL is hosting several opportunities for graduate students to participate in an unstructured Zoom session focused on building community and creating a supportive space. Join the Zoom session to ask questions, hear how your peers are managing, and share ideas for success. We’ll learn from each other while we support each other. Drop in when you can and stay as long as you wish.

“What’s Up?”

Monday, September 21 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Hosted by Shelly Bayer, CETL Registration encouraged, but not required:


“What’s Up?”

This session will include Dr. Andrea Bjornestad, an Assistant Professor in the Counseling and Human Development Department who specializes in mental health. Her perspective will be a great addition to the conversation.

Friday, October 9 1pm-2pm @

Hosted by Shelly Bayer, CETL Registration encouraged, but not required:


“What’s Up?”

Wednesday, October 28 12:30pm-1:30pm @

Hosted by Shelly Bayer, CETL Registration encouraged, but not required:



Tips for Managing the In-person/Online Teaching Environment

Teaching is challenging when the students are all in the same space. What do you do when you have students in person and attending virtually all at the same time? This situation will still be challenging, but this session will provide some tips and practical advice.

Wednesday, September 23 (1pm-2pm) @

Registration Link:


Practicing with Zoom’s Features

Engagement is crucial to increasing student learning, especially in the online learning environment. Attend this session to have the opportunity to PRACTICE using Breakout Rooms, Reactions, Polling, and the Chat. Monday, September 28 (4pm-5pm) @ Registration Link:


How to Use Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) to Enhance Discussion and Engagement

VTS is a simple strategy that creates complex results. Research indicates that VTS increases civil discourse and critical thinking for students who participate. Learn the basic steps to incorporate VTS into a lab kick-off or at times when you present a visual, a chart or a diagram to your students. Tuesday, October 27 (4pm-5pm) @ Registration Link:


Building Your Teaching & Learning Knowledge by Reading Current Research

Teaching is its own discipline. Participants will be expected to read a selected research article focused on teaching or learning. The workshop will provide them with an opportunity to discuss the article with their peers and determine ways to apply the research to their own teaching. Thursday, November 19 (11am-12pm) @ Registration Link: