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Week of January 12, 2021

GTA Weekly Bulletin

Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning 

Week of January 12, 2021

The Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL) weekly email bulletin features news, upcoming events, and teaching resources tailored to the teaching needs of Graduate Teaching Assistants at South Dakota State University. It is typically sent on Tuesdays.

Micro-Teaching Sessions – Spring 2021

One requirement for the Certificate of College Teaching Development – Practice I is to complete one Micro-Teaching Session. To complete this requirement, you are required to teach a micro-lesson, which is teaching a concept from your discipline for 8 minutes. This may be content that you will be teaching in a lab kick-off, a common concept that is taught in introductory classes in your discipline, or a portion of a lesson that you could teach as a guest instructor. What you teach is determined by you with the purpose of receiving constructive feedback on your teaching abilities and behaviors. You will receive feedback from Dr. Shelly Bayer and a few of your peers immediately at the conclusion of your 8-minute teaching opportunity. In addition, your Micro-Teaching Session will require you to observe and provide feedback on others who are participating in your session. Your commitment will be one hour. Follow the link to the rubric that will be utilized: Micro-Teaching Rubric

Four graduate students are allowed per session. Please register for a Micro-Teaching session here:

Micro-Teaching Sessions for Spring 2021 (4 participants per session)

Wednesday, January 13, 2021


Thursday, January 14, 2021


Friday, January 15, 2021


All sessions will be conducted on Zoom. Zoom links are provided when you sign-up.


Conversations After Crisis

The events in Washington, D.C. this past week elicit emotions in all of us. They may leave our students with many questions and lead to difficult but critical conversations as we kick-off a new semester. The Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning is committed to supporting your engagement with your students in meaningful dialogue about all perspectives involved in our country’s current topics. 

Resources for Conversations after Crisis

Leading Conversations After Crisis

To Sustain the Tough Conversations, Active Listening Must Be the Norm

Current Events in Your Classroom


Spring 2021 Programming – It’s All Set!

The entire semester’s offerings have already been determined. Hopefully, knowing the schedule now will allow you to fully engage throughout the semester. Please refer to the attached document for programming events running January through April. Two to three weeks prior to each event, it will be promoted in the weekly bulletin. However, if you want to transfer the programming information into your schedule now for the entire semester, you can!


Student Guidelines for Etiquette in the Virtual Classroom

The SDSU Student Success Committee, with support from units within the Office of Academic Affairs, has developed a new resource to support success in the virtual classroom. This resource, “Etiquette in the Virtual Classroom,” provides guidelines to both students and faculty to help create supportive and successful learning environments in virtual platforms. These guidelines are meant to provide informal guidance to students and be a reference for instructors in establishing norms that allow the focus to be on teaching and learning. This “Etiquette in the Virtual Classroom” resource will be available in a number of ways. Availability includes:

  1. JACKSRBACK Website – The resource page can be found on the JACKSRBACK website by clicking here!
  2. D2L Courses – All D2L courses have had a link to “Etiquette for the Virtual Classroom” added under the Communications dropdown menu.
  3. Add to D2L SDSU Getting Started widget – Faculty can add the “Etiquette for the Virtual Classroom” link to the “SDSU Getting Started” box on their Fall and Spring courses front page by simply clicking the “SDSU Getting Started” box drop down arrow and selecting “Edit This Widget”. Please contact Instructional Design Services with any questions about adding this link to “SDSU Getting Started.” 

As you prepare for your spring semester, be sure to incorporate time to discuss with students regarding clear expectations for the semester. Use this document as a resource.


Preparing for New Semester with a Webinar Series


“Teach Those Jacks” Webinar Series

Welcome to 2021! As you engage in final preparations for the spring semester we would like to provide you with a unique professional development opportunity. The CETL Teach Those Jacks webinar series provides short, on-demand professional development opportunities. For our first, episode, we are joined by Provost Dennis Hedge as he reflects on the fall semester and looks ahead to the spring semester. Additional episodes in the Teach Those Jacks series focus on teaching and learning topics from the staff of the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning. We have identified topics of relevance to teaching and learning in our unique COVID environment and hope to offer tools to help enhance instruction at the university. A full listing of episodes, along with links, can be found below. 

Episode #1 – Teach Those Jacks: Thinking Back and Looking Ahead with Provost Dennis Hedge

Episode #2 – Teach Those Jacks: Starting Strong – Student Success

Episode #3 – Teach Those Jacks: Starting Strong – Faculty Success

Episode #4 – Teach Those Jacks: Building Community

Episode #5 – Teach Those Jacks: Student Engagement

Episode #6 – Teach Those Jacks: Collecting Student Feedback


Podcast of the Week

This week’s selection is part of the Lecture Breakers series and features advice on how to get to know your students from the most effective faculty in the country.

Episode 66: 25 Ways to Get to Know Your Students


Certificates of College Teaching Development 

The Certificates of College Teaching Development are an excellent way to develop your teaching capacity. The initial certificate is completely accessible online and builds foundational knowledge in effective teaching. The additional two certificates are practice-based with feedback.  Earning college teaching development certificates can greatly enhance your teaching and prepare you for faculty positions in higher education. For more information refer to:

If you are interested in pursuing one or more of the certificates, please email and indicate your interest in enrollment information. 

Graduate students who have already enrolled are encouraged to continue working on the certificate requirements using the Training House website:

If you are finding some aspects of the certificate challenging to complete due to the current COVID environment, please reach out to Dr. Bayer to discuss alternative suggestions.


Self-care Resource for Graduate Students

Are you experiencing stress? Are you experiencing anxiety? The life of a graduate student is challenging, now more than ever. 

Check out this video created by three SDSU professors focused on stress, stress management, and self-care. They ask great questions, and then they provide an opportunity to practice with a couple of tools. 

Self-Care Isn’t Selfish:


Go, Big! Go, Blue! Teach those Jacks!

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