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Week of February 20, 2018

GTA Weekly Bulletin

Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning 

The Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL) weekly email bulletin features news, upcoming events, and teaching resources tailored to the teaching needs of Graduate Teaching Assistants at South Dakota State University. It is typically sent on Tuesdays.

Week of February 20, 2018


GTA Workshop Series Continues Tomorrow

This spring’s GTA Workshop Series is focused on the seven research-based principles of effective teaching emphasized in How Learning Works by Ambrose, Bridges, DiPietro, Lovett, and Norman (2010).


University Graduate Teaching Assistant Workshop #2

What Kinds of Practice and Feedback Enhance Learning? (Learning Principle 5)                                        

Wednesday, February 21 (3-4pm)or

Thursday, February 22 (1-2pm)SBL 125

Presenter: Dr. Michael Gonda, Animal Sciences


Registration Link:

For more information and registration for the entire series, please follow the link below:

GTA Workshop Series - Spring 2018


Future Faculty Focus Spring Schedule Announced

The Future Faculty Focus Focus program provides support and resources for those pursuing teaching positions in higher education.

Spring 2018 Schedule

Session 2           Friday, March 16 @ 2pm (Briggs 125)

Session 3           Friday, April 13 @ 2pm (Briggs 125)

Session 4           Finals Week (TBD)

                             Teaching Portfolio Feedback Session


Prime Time for Feedback

Your students have had time to figure out the structure of the class and how you teach it. Now is the time to ask for meaningful feedback that can benefit you and them.

In the next week or two, provide each of your students with a note card. Explain to them that you want feedback that will help improve the way you teach them the rest of the semester. Explain that you will read and respond thoughtfully to their comments and would appreciate their sincere thoughts.

Ask them to answer the following two questions on their note card:

1. What am I doing to enhance your learning? (Side 1)

2. What else could I be doing to help you learn better? (Side 2)

Allow the students time to respond thoughtfully and anonymously. Collect the cards and read them after class. Learn from their feedback and make appropriate adjustments to your teaching. At the beginning of the next class or via D2L, be sure to comment on ways you are addressing their suggestions. It is important that they see that you valued their input.

Here’s an additional resource to consider:

Another Approach to Mid-term Feedback


Teaching Gen Z Students: Strategies for Dynamic & Engaging Learning Experiences

Wednesday, February 21, 2018 ~ 12:00-1:00 pm

Where: From Your Office!

This year, 2018, the first wave of Gen Z students will enter the college. Students born after the events of September 11, 2001 have lived in a world entirely different from the one we grew up in and, as a result, bring a unique set of preferences and perspective to their learning experience. While a complete picture of Generation Z is still emerging, some common characteristics are clear; Gen Z students are cynical, private, entrepreneurial and hyper-aware. Also, like Millennials that came before them, Gen Z is technology-reliant and exceptionally skilled at multitasking. Recognizing the skills, traits, and preferences of the Gen Z learner, reliance on traditional instructional strategies is simply ineffective. In this webinar, we will explore challenges associated with teaching Gen Z students and identify innovative (and effective) instructional approaches to create a stimulating, engaging learning environment. Further, we will examine how technology can be integrated into the classroom to create a collaborative, dynamic learning experience that meets the needs of Gen Z students.

Webinar Objectives:

  • Examine strategies for creating interactive learning environments that meet the needs and preferences of Gen Z students
  • Design learning activities that engage students as collaborators in the teaching-learning dynamic
  • Integrate technology to engage and stimulate learning for Gen Z students

Please REGISTER for this webinar by clicking here! Webinar link/access information will be sent to registered participants prior to the event.


Training in 20 – CETL Showcase Webinar

How Can I Bring Pop to My Classroom with Pop Culture?

Concrete strategies for applying pop culture to your course content. It will help you create a positive and unique classroom environment in which students are more connected to not only what they’re learning, but also to you.

This webinar can be accessed by clicking here! You will be asked to login to gain access to the webinar. To utilize the SDSU login please follow the steps found here! Please remember you must complete the free access/subscription information to access these webinars.


Articles of the Week

This brief article addresses a few learning myths.

4 Myths about Learning

Do you know what the characteristics of learner-centered teaching?

Is My Teaching Learner-Centered?

Do you seem to be inundated with emails from students explaining why they are unable to complete assignments on time? This article provides some great advice on how to handle such situations.

Using Grace and Accountability to Uphold Course Expectations


Podcast of the Week

Cornell psychologist Robert Sternberg shares his thoughts on the importance of creativity in the classroom and the impact that has on success in the workforce.


Conferences on Teaching and Learning

If you are looking for an opportunity to engage in professional development focused on Teaching, Learning, or the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning the following conferences are great opportunities.

Lilly Conferences on College and University Teaching and Learning

International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference

2018 Teaching Professor Conference